1.  Hammy the hamster went to town, he was so hungry he ate a lot of carrots, he took 1 step, 2 step, 3 step, 4 step, 5 step, 6 step, 7 step, 8 step, 9 step, and died .
  2. Knock knock. who’s there? doctor. doctor who?  yup, that’s me!
  3. Ba-na-na, bappel, bello! can you guess who it is? (Minions!)
  4. Two Iphones walking to a bar, I forgot the rest.
  5. Which bird robs the most things? (a robin)


Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y are finally come out! I already have 8 gym badges and have defeated the elite four… twice! This game is a classic Pokémon game with a bunch of new features. For example, there are now Mega Evolutions and upgrades to G.T.S. and the new P.S.S., Super Training (S.T.) and Pokémon Amie are all new features. You can scroll down to see the news of Pokémon X and Y as well. Also in the future I will have a post with each Mega Evolution… hopefully.


New Pokémon.

There are a ton of new Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y. Not as many new ones as I hoped for but it is enough. They didn’t have as much new ones I think because of mega evolutions and the fact that the first wild Pokémon you could encounter is from another region (I mean piggy). Also in the news for Pokémon X and Y I put in the starters and there first evolutions, here are the final evolutions!!

kalos starters.Chestnaught (left, Chespins evolution) Delphox (Center, Fennekins evolution) and Greninja (Right, Froakies evolution.)

I personally like Greninja the best, its best stat is speed, like a ninja and is a water/dark type. Chespins final evolution is not what I expected, it is a bulky turtle like Pokémon with its highest stat being defense and attack, and is grass/fighting. Other stats are really low though. Delphox is pretty much what everyone expected being a fire psychic Pokémon with the highest Sp. Attack of the three. It is the best starter Pokémon in this gen. for beginners.

Here is my team of Pokémon I have pulled up. STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus. Also you can mega evolve only one Pokémon per battle, so not each Pokémon will mega evolve each battle. Also coverage means to take a type that you are weak against, like if a water type is going against a grass type, and the water type uses a bug or flying type move that is super effective against that type, then it is a coverage move.

greninjaNinja Frog (Greninja) type: Water/Dark ability: Torrent. Item: Mystic water. Moves: Hydro pump (great power, ok accuracy, STAB.) dark pulse (Good power, STAB, flinch chance.) Ice beam (Good power, freeze chance, Grass type coverage.) Mat block (Protects you and allies against damage moves.

lucarioAura Power (Lucario) (mega) Type: Fighting/Steel Ability: Steadfast (Adaptability when it mega evolves.) Item: Lucarionite (to mega evolve.) Moves: Close Combat (Awesome power, STAB, lowers users def. and sp.def.) flash cannon (STAB, Good power, beats fairy types.) Earthquake (Great power, Great accuracy, fire type coverage.) and dragon pulse (Good power, good accuracy.)

mewtwo Mewtwo (Mega Y) ability: Pressure (Insomnia after it mega evolves.) item: Mewtwonite Y (To mega evolve.) moves: Psychic (Good power, STAB), Aura sphere (Good power, never misses, dark type coverage), fire blast (Great power, ok accuracy, bug type coverage, chance to burn), Shadow ball ( good power, ghost type coverage.)
charizardCharizard (Mega Y) Ability: Blaze (Drought after it mega evolves)  Item: Charzinite Y (You  know why) Moves: fire blast (awesome  power, ok accuracy, Powered up by drought, STAB, chance to burn) Air Slash (Good power, great flinch chance, STAB), Solar beam (Good power, great accuracy, takes turn to charge, one turn with drought, coverage against Rock and Water),  heat wave (great  power, STAB, hits multiple targets, chance to burn.

noivernNoivern ability: infiltrator item: Amulet coin, moves: Boomburst (Great power, 100% accuracy, hits everyone.) Dragon pulse (Good power, STAB) Hurricane (Great power, Chance to confuse, STAB, 70% accuracy), Focus blast (Great power, Rock and ice type coverage, 70% accuracy.)

aegislashAegislash (Shield form right, blade form left) ability: stance change (to switch from form to the other. Item: rocky helmet. Moves: Kings shield (Protects against all damaging attacks, if contact halves opponents attack stat, lets you switch to shield form even when you sleep), Iron head (Good power, STAB, good flinch chance, switches to blade form), Sacred Sword (Great power, opponents defense raise doesn’t affect this attack, switches to blade form) Swords Dance (Doubles attack stat, stays in current form.)


P.S.S., S.T., and Pokémon Amie.

P.S.S. (Player Search System) is at the bottom screen of the 3DS along with Pokémon Amie and S.T. (Super Training) when not in a Pokémon battle. These are in the game as extra mini games or connection services.


P.S.S. is a way to search for friends (People registered on your 3DS friend list), Acquaintances (People who are not friends that you have battled with or traded with) and passerby’s (Everyone else.) You can start a Pokémon battle here or a trade. You can also access G.T.S. (Global Trade Station) and Random matchup battles with people all over the world. There is a new feature called wonder trade in which you pick a Pokémon to trade, and find someone online to trade with, but you don’t know what you are getting or the other person doesn’t know what you are getting. If you keep doing this you can get a good Pokémon (I got myself a baby Charmander this way) but you usually get Pokémon from the first patch of grass you step in and sometimes get the exact same Pokémon In return.



S.T. is an easy way to doing a hard thing in Pokémon, EV training. EVs, or effort values, were previously obtained for certain stats from certain Pokémon. This way you had to keep killing the same Pokémon over and over again. But with supper training you can easily play mini games that power up you Pokémon EVs by playing a sports game in a virtual space.  You shoot soccer balls (Or footballs for you non Americans) at a goal on balloon shaped like a Pokémon. The Poké balloon will also shoot soccer (Or footballs for you non Americans again) at your goal. The goal of the mini game is to get a certain amount of points by shooting the ball in the Balloon Bot’s goals and not get hit by the opponent’s ball. You can also use punching bags to increase stats too.

super trainingS.T.

 Pokemon amie

Pokémon Amie is a way to play and feed your Pokémon. You can feed them Poké Puffs and pet them. Also you can play small mini games to get more Poké Puffs. I have noticed that if you touch the flame on a charizard’s tail, your “hand” will burn and if you touch a Pikachu’s cheek your “hand” will get electrocuted. The 3 mini games are berry picker, head it, and tile puzzle. There is easy, medium, and hard for each and you have to have at least 3 Pokémon in good condition to play the mini games. Also if your Pokémon has max affection toward you (More it likes you) then it will perform better  in battles by healing a status condition, enduring a hit, and maybe getting extra exp.

charizardamieCharizard in Pokémon Amie.

Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion.

Gym leaders are strong Pokémon trainers that you can battle during your adventure. If you win against a gym leader, you get a gym badge. You need eight gym badges to beat then elite four. Each gym leader specializes in one Pokémon type. For example, if the gym leader specializes in dark types, each of their Pokémon would be part dark types. This is also true for the Elite Four, but not for the champion. Here are each of the Gym leaders, Elite four and the champion. For gym leaders, you get a TM after you defeat them as well.

Now you can PLAY games on doodlingbrain

hey yo everyone. i haven’t had much time to do much but i added five games, there is fancy pants 2, bad ice cream 2, dino run, sky nights 2, and SIM rescue. how did i get these games. well, i first got the embed code for the game online and then copy and pasted in the text section. kind of complicated, but this is the embed code for fancy pants 2. your gonna have to beg for the rest! get ready because here it is!

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