Super Smash Bros. U and 3D

Super smash bros. U and 3D (I will call it SSBU&3D) is the next generation of smash. There were three other games in the series. One for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game cube and Nintendo Wii. You can guess, SSBU is for the Wii u and SSB3D is for the 3DS.
These two games have very different graphics. The Wii U has HD graphics while the 3ds have 3d graphics. The 3ds screen is small so the characters are outlined in black.
Mario_SSB4 Mario in SSBU
mario SSB3D Mario in SSB3D

A lot of characters are returning from the previous games. From the mushroom kingdom are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. This is the first smash game in which Luigi is confirmed before the game releases. Nintendo shouldn’t forget the special dreamer of Pi’llow Island!!! Yoshi hasn’t been announced yet though.
sleeping_luigi_header HAHAHAHAHAHA
From the jungles is Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong has not been announced yet… he might miss this one.
donkey kong BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!

From the kingdom of Hyrule are Link, Zelda, and Toon Link. We don’t know if Zelda will retain her ability to become sheik like in the Wii version
zelda and link Zelda and link.

Coming in at sound speed is sonic the hedgehog (Also the worst contender in smash history) his buddy snake from the Wii version has not been announced.
mario vs sonic The old duel of Mario vs Sonic. Comment who will win.

Dashing in with a thunder attack is Pikachu. No other Pokémon have been announced yet… which do you want to see?
Pikachu Awwwwww… so cute!

Others include Samus, Kirby, Marth, and Fox.

Now for the new contenders

Coming from the digital fitness room, it’s Wii fit trainer. No, seriously, you can be a fitness trainer fighting a man with a sword (AKA Link).
Link vs fitness trainer What did I tell you…
Also, our first character from an animal crossing game is Villager!! He can grab people with his net, grab their attacks and throw back there attacks.
villager You had me at the balloon helmet…
Also Mega Man has joined the fight… with a friend
mega man wow… that is a weird dog
And the last newcomer descends from the stars… with a star!!! It’s Rosalina and Luma!!
rosalina and luma Teamwork!!!!
There is little known about the storyline for this game but we know that it won’t be like the subspace emissary in Wii’s version. “There will be a single player [campaign], but it won’t be like the [Subspace Emissary] mode in Brawl,” Sakurai said at E3
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Xbox1 vs PS4

In November Two new gaming consoles came out. The Xbox1 and PS4. The question is which one is better? Personally if I had to choose it would be the PS4. Not only does it have a cheaper price tag it offers a lot of features. such as suspending your game so you can play music and watch TV. It also has cloud memory (a cloud memory is like endless memory) . But unlike the Xbox1 you can’t hook it up to your TV. the Xbox One is Microsoft’s while the PS4 is Sony’s

Post a comment in which one you think is better?

Xbox one

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is the newest 3D Super Mario game. Made by the creators of super Mario galaxy, this is probably the best 3D plat former on the Wii U. This is also the first super Mario game that has four playable characters from the start. In addition, it’s beautiful HD graphics makes up for no 3D.
The playable characters for this game are listed below, each having a unique special ability.
Mario is a great all around character with no special ability, he is just all around great at everything.
Luigi is just the same as Mario, except he can jump higher, but has less traction.
Peach is in a class of her own, she runs slow, but she can float for an extra second. This is very helpful in vital situations.
Toad is almost the complete opposite of Peach. He runs really fast but has bad jumps
Hidden character: Rosalina!
Rosalia is the most special of all the characters. She runs slowly, like Peach, jumps high, like Luigi, but if she has no power up she can spin to attack!
Power Ups.
There are tons of new and old power ups in Super Mario 3D world. Starting off with the cat suit.
Cat Suit.
The cat suit is a power up that lets you be a… well, a cat. You can scratch enemies, pounce from above, and climb almost any surface! You can activate this power by grabbing a super bell.
Super bell

Super-Mario-3D-World cat suitsEach character in the cat suit (not including Rosalina.)
Double cherry
The double cherry lets you… well, double yourself! You can have up to 5 clones and have an additional power up (like a cat suit) with double Mario. You cannot take this power up to other levels.

Double cherryDouble cherry… looks delicious!

double marioLook at all the fire Marios! Which one is the real one?
Other power ups include fire Mario, boomerang Mario, and Tanooki (Raccoon) Mario.
So if Peach isn’t kidnapped, who is? This time Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are taking a stroll when they run into a clear pipe. Suddenly a sprixie princess comes out followed by Bowser, then he kidnapped the sprixie princess and her friends.

sprixie and bowserThe Sprixie in the jar… and the jar in Bowser’s Hand! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The levels are now in the Sprixie kingdom and not the Mushroom kingdom. There are 8 main worlds, like in all Mario games. This time on the map you can move around freely and jump too, which lets you possibly find an extra life.

world map super mario 3d worldMario jumping on the world map.
There are special levels which includes a creature called plessie that you can ride. You can ride him over water. In one level you ride him on sand too.

plessies plunging fallsWho’s controlling Plessie? Everyone is working together!
Watch this video for more action about Super Mario 3D World

More Jokes

By Skeeter

Here is some more jokes. Try these on your friends.

1: Why are football players never hot? 2: Why? 1: because they have fans to cool them down.

1: What do you call a very big ant? 2: What? 1: A gi-ant!

1: Did you here about the restaurant on the moon? 2: No. Why? 1: The food there is great, but it no atmosphere.

1: Knock, Knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: Letin. 2: Letin who? 1: Let me in!

1: Knock, Knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: Interrupting cow. 2: Come in. 1: MOO! What? All man

1: Knock, Knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: Knock, Knock. 2: Who’s there? 1: I told you my name! It’s Knock Knock!

1: What is balloons least favorite type of music? 2: What? 1: Pop!