YES finally we have been waiting so long for this game. anyway. super smash bros 3ds is the 4th game in the super smash bros series. the Wii u version will come in the holiday season.


the is the first Portable smash bros. game out there. there is solo smash, local multiplayer, smash run, classic, all-star, and stadium. i will first explain Smash


Smash really is just normal smash. you choose a character, and by default battle 2 lvl3 cpu’s. the levels are 1-9 with 1 being the easiest and 9 being the hardest. also you and 3 other cpu’s or other people can play at once. here is the character selection screen (SPOILER ALERT: this has hidden character’s as well.)

smash bros characters

you can choose a stage as well. (SPOILER ALERT: this has all the stages as well

3dstages smash

Smash Run

Smash run is where 4 people (you and cpu’s or you and other people) are dropped on a map and have to defeat enemies from different game series to collect power ups and use those power ups in a battle (can be a climb battle or Run battle.)The power ups are attack (increase normal attack) defense (increase normal defense) Special (increase special attack) Arms (increase defense on special attacks) Speed (increase speed on ground and in air) and Jump (increase jump height). Also you can unlock powers that can attack, heal, and even warp items to you. here are some pic’s

(Here Mario is attacking a Bullet Bill which is dropping mainly Attack stat, or the fist.)

Smash run Powers
(Some Powers you can use in smash run. the slower your character is, the more powers they can hold.)

Mario Smashrun
(all stat boost’s that Mario got on this particular round)

I think you get the point. the Powers that raise your stats bring me to another thing Customization.


Customization is a big thing in the new super smash bros. there are 2 other forms of the four special attacks for each character. meaning each character has 12 different special attacks. even though they still are similar. You still have to unlock the other specials for each character (Which is challenging).

Custom attacks
Mario’s fireball variations

also you can put up to 3 different pieces of equipment to boost attack, defense, or speed.

Equipment smash


in Solo, you can play Classic, All-star, and Stadium. In classic, you battle different enemies to finally reach master hand. In All-star you battle other playable character’s in order of when they were first introduced. and finally, in stadium yo can do multi-man smash, home run contest, and target smash.


The Solo menu.

So, super smash bros 3ds is the first version of the new smash bros series. super smash bros Wii u is coming soon