Nintendo’s 3rd Person Shooter, Splatoon.


Splatoon, Nintendo’s 3rd person shooter, scheduled to release in May of 2015. This game replaces blood with paint, so it’s most likely that it will be ESRB_E or ESRB_E10 .

Splatoon is mainly a team shooter. The paint is like turf. So it is mainly a turf war. you can still “Splatter” people, which sends them back to their spawn.


The Characters you see are Inklings, which are part human and part squid. Customization is a HUGE aspect of this game. The plaza has a hat shop, clothes shop, shoe shop, and weapon shop, each owned by different owners. Every cosmetic (hat, shoe, etc.) has it’s own statistics. like faster movement speed but less health. I’m not sure if these statistics are true, but alas, I don’t have any solid examples. The plaza has other Inklings, like in Nintendo Land. Actually, they look really similar. Take a look.


I did get a bit off topic, but anyway…
Inklings have the ability to turn full on squid. this allows you to hide in your own paint and move very fast, hide, and avoid attacks. you can also warp to other team mates on the map which I think is really cool. it does seem like you can choose gender and skin color as well.

I mean, Splatoon is something that Nintendo is putting lots of money on. It’s like the new Metroid. actually, it looks more like TF2 to me. What do you think?

IT’S HERE!!!! Nintendo’s decision to join Mobile Gaming!

Uninstall your GBA4ios and get ready for a punch in the gut! Because Nintendo has just announced they will partner with DeNA (pronounced DNA) to create mobile games featuring Nintendo Characters!

GBA4IOS image
Looks Like GBA4IOS may be shut down for good.

Nintendo announced they won’t abandon consoles, and will start a new console that is code named NX (I KNEW THE NEW 3DS WOULDN’T LAST!). More on that later. Nintendo further announced that these mobile games will not be direct ports, and will be new, original content. HERE DAT SCOTT CAWTHORN! NO PORTS!

So, what’s NX’t (get it) for Nintendo? They are even starting a new membership program with DeNA, which will be accessible from smartphones, PC’s, and Consoles alike.

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The Legend of Zelda Netflix TV series? Pros and Cons


The Wall Street Journal has announced a new possible Legend of Zelda series to air on Netflix. Legend of Zelda had a very brief cartoon series in 1989. Their was a reason it was brief. Netflix says it will be like a “Game of Thrones for a family audience. I personally think its might be like the Pokemon Anime.

We are gonna cover the possible pros and cons on this idea.

Pro1;For Viewers: A Zelda TV series is just what fans of the franchise need. i mean, come on. Zelda has EVERYTHING Pokemon has (plush, manga, etc.) (not cards), A TV series would push the franchise even farther. It’s not liek we are gonna get caAAAARDS-

midna pokemon card

Pro2;For Netflix: People will have to get a netflix subscription or something to actually watch the show. and netflix is also on the 3DS and Wii U. So in one word: Profits

Pro3;for Nintendo: one word again: Profits

Con1: How are you gonna give voice to a character who dosen’t even speak!!!


I stand corrected. Netflix could make a character SIMILAR to link who talks. Like Red and Ash from Pokemon.

Con2: Breaking pots on TELEVISION?: Vandalism is one of links bad Deeds, and one of his most iconic actions (along with being a lawn mower and playing the ocarina). would they REALLY show a child of age 12ish and and a teen of 17ish breaking pots in STRANGERS HOUSES. i mean, it would be fun to watch, but bad to promote.


Link breaking pottery

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Timeline and other stuff theory.

Lots of people have been used to the original Pokemon timeline, in which it starts with Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen, and at the same time the events of ruby, sapphire and emerald happen. then the events of Heartgold and Soulsilver happen at the same time as diamond, pearl, and platinum. then black and white, and then black and white 2 comes out at the same time as Pokemon X and Y. this is the official timeline by Toshinobu Matsumiya.

pokemon old timeline.

This timeline does not make sense to me. one reason is mega evolution. wouldn’t mega evolution be available in fire red and leaf green? let me tell you why. the war 3,000 years ago was ended by “The Ultimate Weapon”. it killed Az’s (the super tall guy in Pokemon X and Y) pokemon flabebe. he turned The Ultimate Weapon into a machine that could revive his Pokemon, and give it and him eternal life. it also created the mega stones.


If the mega stones were created BEFORE the events of even Firered and Leafgreen, then why didn’t they discover mega evolution before X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The answer is in the Delta episode of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphhire

In the Delta Episode, A meteor is hurtling toward earth (or whatever the pokemon world is called). The Devon Corporation wants to use Infinity energy to warp the meteorite away, but a girl named Zinnia disagrees. she says it may be warped to another world just like ours that may not have had the war 3,000 years ago, and had not discovered mega evolution.

3000 year thing pokemon

ORAS other universe proof
Zinnia is the one talking.

This changes the Timeline CONSIDERABLY!!!!! This means there could be 2 Pokemon Universes. (honestly at least 10 if you think about it, but lets not get into that.) here is the new timeline. get ready. this is gonna be long

MEGA TIMELINE: If it has megas, its here: Omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire —-> X and Y
The reason ORAS comes before X and Y is because of my friend Mr.Bonding. No not the one who suggests terrible marriages, i mean the one who appeared in Pokemon X and Y as well as ORAS. (ORAS is Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire by the way) He gives you O-powers as you progress in your journey through Kalos. but he is actually Fused in ORAS. a bunch of old men fuse to make Mr.B (that’s what i’m gonna call him now.) so if Mr.B was Born in ORAS that must mean ORAS came before X and Y

It’s Mr.B!!! (the Pokemon one)

THE MODERN TIMELINE: same timeline that Toshinobu Matsumiya announced without X and Y.

Now theres that.

Everything is clear and done right? not exactly.
Remember Looker? the International police agent working to fight crime in all games past platinum? if you don’t, here’s a photo

looker=chck noris
(the guy in the brow jacket is looker.)

The problem here is that looker has been in platinum, Black and White, Black and White 2, X and Y and a very brief appearance in ORAS. You may be like “yeah so what”. but remember that platinum to Black and White 2 are on a different timeline than ORAS and X and Y. OMG RIGHT!!!

Poke Pop quiz: which is the most likely reason
A. looker is a god banished into a human body form for eternity, and still has godlike powers.
B. the multiple timeline theory is totally wrong.
C. Illuminati ILLUMINATI
D. Hoopa

if you guessed A you were just guessing, If you guessed B, you hate game theorist, if you guessed C. Your Awesome but your wrong, and if you guessed D. your correct.

hoopa unbound
Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa is a Pokemon that uses its rings to travel through time and space. Pokemon that can travel through space are any pokemon with teleport, hoopa, and palkia.
Pokemon that can travel through time are hoopa, celebi, dialga, aaaaaaaaand that’s it.

Since Hoopa can travel through time AND space. maybe we can look at Hoopa’s Pokedex entry.

X:It gathers things it likes and pushes them through its loop to teleport them to a secret place.

Y:This troublemaker sends anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space

OR:In its true form, it possess a huge amount of power. Legends of its avarice tell how it once carried off an entire castle to gain the treasure hidden within.

AS:It is said to be able to seize anything it desires with its six rings and six huge arms. With its power sealed, it is transformed into a much smaller form.

The one i am interested in is Y and OR. it can transport things as big as a castle to places it likes. could Hoopa have teleported from Black & White 2 over to ORAS by accident? Maybe we should leave it at that.