Nintendo first game for mobile devices

It is here! Nintendo first mobile device game. Nintendo has released Pokémon Shuffle for Phone and Tablets

Pokémon Shuffle is also for 3Ds on the Nintendo eShop. Both version are free to download but contains in app purchases.


For people who don’t know what Pokémon Shuffle is Pokémon Shuffle is a Pokémon Puzzle game where you match Pokémon in rows of 3 or more to do damage to the wild Pokémon to defeat it within a certain amount of moves.


Then catch the Pokémon after the battle to build a level up your team. Each wild Pokémon is one stage. To play a stage it requires one heart which takes 30 mins. to recharge one heart.


But you can use jewels to get more hearts or coins but jewel are hard you get. To get a jewel you can ether buy them for real money or you receive them after compete an area. Also you can earn jewels in a event battle.



And The Splatfest Winner is…


Now that the Splatfest is over it is time to announce the winner for this Splatfest. The Splatfest Winner is Decepticons. Like the last Splatfest the scores where close. Autobots had 58% Popularity But Decepticons were better then the Autobots in battle. The final score was 266 to 234.


Make sure you collect you super sea snail in Splatoon!