Pokemon Sun and Moon to be announced tommorow + leaked list of pokemon

Pokemon’s 20th anniversary year already has a lot in store, such as Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go, and The virtual console release of pokemon red and blue. But what about a new Pokemon game? well, it might have just been leaked.


Pokemon Sun and Moon seem to have been leaked by www.nerdleaks.com (full credit to them for discovering this leak). It was discovered on a european trademark registration website, as when you type pokemon sun or pokemon moon, these things pop up.

Pokemon Moon Trademark

Pokemon Sun Trademark

Click here to get to the website, then search either pokemon sun or pokemon moon to see the trademarks.

What validates this partially is that it’s trademarked by Nintendo Co. Ltd. It was also copyrighted just today, which could mean nintendo plans on officially announcing it in Tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct, which is a Nintendo direct dedicated to Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. and of course we will analyze it as soon as we can!

Now, one question remains-actually many questions remain, but one of them is if this will be a Pokemon X and Y sequel or a 7th generation pokemon game.

Lots of people have been speculating about a southern kalos pokedex, as that could add a new wave of Pokemon. Possibly a Generation 6.5. Their was actually a leaked list of pokemon that was leaked a couple of days ago in japanese, which could mean that this list is the roster for pokemon gen 6.5. The new Pokemon would not be a gen 7 list of Pokemon because it’s missing starter pokemon. The list can be found translated into english on Pokemon Amino

All we have to do now is wait until tomorrow for the Pokemon direct!