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Super Mario Odyssey!

Super Mario Odyssey is finally here! After waiting for months, the first installment for 3D Mario games has come to the Nintendo Switch. The game can be compared to Super Mario 64 in it’s greatness, which was the first 3D Mario game.

The game play is very unique, because this time around Mario befriends Cappy, a hat from the cap kingdom. Mario can throw him in order to do different things. The biggest one, however, would obviously be the capture ability. This allows Mario to “possess” most of the entities that he encounters. Multiplayer is also possible, where one player controls Mario and the other controls Cappy

The graphics that the game provide are insane in my opinion. I don’t think numbers or anything would do it justice, but the game looks and feels flawless. In my opinion, this is the most colorful Mario game to date. Also, the cutscenes are of exceptionally high quality.

In conclusion, Super Mario Odyssey is a must-have game for the switch, along with Breath of the Wild. The game feels great and is genuinely fun to play, which I can’t say for a game in quite a while actually. Personally, I wasn’t around during the time of Super Mario 64, but this game also reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, which I played a ton of.

PUBG Review

Player Unknowns Battle Grounds, or PUBG, is a game in which many players online play in a large arena. The objective is to survive until no other players are left. You can play in a duo or 4 player squad as well.

Players will find many different types of weaponry. Ranging from sniper rifles to crossbows to even frying pans.

PUBG is a bit difficult to get the hang of if you aren’t accustomed to the shooter games, however it is a great game at it’s 30 dollar price point on steam.

SNES Classic Review!

The SNES Classic is a re-release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released back in 1991. The SNES classic costs $80 U.S. dollars and comes with 21 games, one of which was never released before, that being Star Fox 2. The SNES classic also comes with 2 controllers, so that you can play with a buddy in games like Super Mario Kart and Street Fight 2 turbo.

My favorite game on the console is Donkey Kong Country. It looks absolutely amazing, and has great music to back it up. Other great games on the system include Super Metroid, The Legend Of Zelda a link to the past, Super Mario World, and Yoshi’s Island.

The console itself is actually really small, and wouldn’t be difficult to fit in a backpack. The games are also built into the system, so you wouldn’t need to take cartridges around. However, you would need to connect it to a TV.

The Nintendo Switch Seems to be A great move for Nintendo!

The Nintendo NX has been officially revealed to be the Nintendo Switch!

If you didn’t catch it, here is the reveal trailer.

As you can see, the Switch, as we will now call it, Will be a primarily home console that can be taken on the go at any time. This is what I was dreaming of when the Wii U was announced, and I think that the Switch hit the right mark, as the video is currently on #1 trending on YouTube with almost 4 million views. The Switch has a unique system in which the controllers are actually like 2 sides of the Wii u Gamepad called the Joy-con that can be used separately, with one in each hand, they can be attached to a grip for playing on the TV, attached to the portable unit for on the go, and can be used by 2 people with each person having one of each. This was shown in the section of the video with what looks like a new Mario Kart game and 2K17.

A side note about the Mario Kart bit. Most people, myself included, think this is a new Mario Kart game for the Switch because it has the character King Boo, who was in Mario Kart Wii but not Mario Kart 7 or 8. Also, You get 2 Item slots instead of just one. Furthermore, the Mobile Tablet unit of the switch was attached to the car and almost looked like an in car TV. Just look at the second picture.

King Boo

Notice how the tablet is being held up. I really love this concept.

The Graphics of the portable mode appears very nice, however, this may cause battery life to be an issue. The controller that I assume is separate is a nice nod to professional or hardcore Gamers who prefer a more traditional style of gaming. The controller, which we can call the Switch Pro, Looks fairly similar in design to an Xbox controller, which I totally appreciate.

The Switch Pro Controller

Of course The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild looks amazing as well, and surprisingly so does what is presumably Skyrim, which is good news for 3rd-Party support, which was arguably one of the reasons of the Wii U’s lack of sales.

Another thing to note is that the Switch uses cartridges, Which gets an approval from me.

Over all the Nintendo Switch looks like something people from many different demographics can enjoy. As we wait for it’s release in March 2017, we will keep all of you updated on information about anything related to the Switch, including Price!

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Leaked Pokemon Go Gameplay!

Yeah, 3 consecutive pokemon posts, I know. But that’s how one celebrates #Pokemon 20!

Here is the leaked video


It seems you would be in maps most of the time. the maps would show you and nearby pokemon and what looks to be gyms in the background. Once you find a wild pokemon, it appears on your camera as AR! we’ve been waiting for this since november. This leak seems to be 100% legit because Niantic’s John Hank is talking in the background.

another thing seems that you will catch pokemon simply by swiping your finger across the screen to throw the Pokeball, kind of like how you throw things in office jerk. The one thing that is missing is your Pokemon. it seems like you catch Pokemon kind of like the old safari zone

Another thing you can see after they catch Ivysaur (apparently with a master ball) you can see crystals. This seems to be like an in game currency. I’m fine with that, as long as you don’t have to purchase it with real money like those filthy gems in clash of clans (which is a cool game by the way!)

I would still play the game anyway, which has been confirmed to be free to download for Android and IOS. The Release Date is speculated to be spring 2016.

Pokemon Sun and Moon to be announced tommorow + leaked list of pokemon

Pokemon’s 20th anniversary year already has a lot in store, such as Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go, and The virtual console release of pokemon red and blue. But what about a new Pokemon game? well, it might have just been leaked.


Pokemon Sun and Moon seem to have been leaked by (full credit to them for discovering this leak). It was discovered on a european trademark registration website, as when you type pokemon sun or pokemon moon, these things pop up.

Pokemon Moon Trademark

Pokemon Sun Trademark

Click here to get to the website, then search either pokemon sun or pokemon moon to see the trademarks.

What validates this partially is that it’s trademarked by Nintendo Co. Ltd. It was also copyrighted just today, which could mean nintendo plans on officially announcing it in Tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct, which is a Nintendo direct dedicated to Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. and of course we will analyze it as soon as we can!

Now, one question remains-actually many questions remain, but one of them is if this will be a Pokemon X and Y sequel or a 7th generation pokemon game.

Lots of people have been speculating about a southern kalos pokedex, as that could add a new wave of Pokemon. Possibly a Generation 6.5. Their was actually a leaked list of pokemon that was leaked a couple of days ago in japanese, which could mean that this list is the roster for pokemon gen 6.5. The new Pokemon would not be a gen 7 list of Pokemon because it’s missing starter pokemon. The list can be found translated into english on Pokemon Amino

All we have to do now is wait until tomorrow for the Pokemon direct!

Minecraft For Wii U?!?!?!

Minecraft Wii U
On the night of December 9th, Nintendo Randomly decided to announce Minecraft for Wii U. Minecraft is a sandbox game with creative and survival modes. Minecraft is already on PC, Mobile, Xbox One, and PS4. This Wii U announcement was highly anticipated but this does seem a little late, because by now, people probably already have Minecraft on one gaming platform or another. However, what makes this really exciting is that this opens the gate to some other options.

Since Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, is now owned by Microsoft, This is one of the first times Nintendo has had a Third Party game from Microsoft. This opens up the gate to many new possibilities, such as a possible Halo 5 Wii U.

But what’s really getting me excited is that Steve may actually be a super smash bros DLC character.

I know it sounds crazy, but it might actually work because the Smash Nintendo Direct is coming soon (Or may have already come if you are reading this after) Coincidence? I think not!

Another DLC character lots of people want that is now owned by microsoft is Banjo and Kazooie


Anyway, the actual game will not support touch screen inventory on the Gamepad, which SUCKS. Also no confirmation on Minecraft for 3DS Or a Steve amiibo…

Steve Amiibo (fake)

November Nintendo Direct!!!


Here is a quick Summary of what happened, with my opinions:

First off, we get the official reveal and confirmation of the rumored Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD! We also get a look at the AWESOME wolf link amiibo.


However, all we get for The Legend of Zelda Wii U is another teaser trailer… but it confirmed it’s for 2016… SO FRUSTRATED! However, the wolf link amiibo will give a special functionality in Zelda Wii U. I believe it could give you the ability to TRANSFORM into wolf link in Zelda Wii U. Outrageous, but possible.

Next, a new mode for tri force heroes, which I don’t own at the moment. Then, another trailer for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Then 2 new maps for splatoon, which are very interesting to say the least. The museum level provides cool new angles for sniping, and the resort level reveals new turf at the end of the level! new gear was added, mostly winter gear. Sadly, playable octolings weren’t brought up.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival revealed a quiz mode and an island survival mode.

Also amiibo compatibility functions were described for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. The function is that you’re amiibo can be used as a team mate in doubles, which I think is a great idea.

Another Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer. The game looks AMAZING!


Pokemon Picross is another Pokemon Puzzle Game, like Pokemon Shuffle. CAN WE GET NEWS ABOUT A MAINLINE POKEMON GAME (*cough* or pokemon ranger game *cough*)!

Anyway. we also get a new game called SteamWorld Heist, which is an action side scrolling turn-based shooter game in space! isn’t that a mouthful!

The one thing I don’t like about Fast Racing Neo is that it COULD have been an F-zero game! Imagine how many more sales that would get! Not even kidding.

A silly Yo-kai Watch Thing. I honestly think Yo-Kai Watch will not replace Pokemon in any way, shape, or form. But I would like to see the conclusion to that very important meeting…

A recap of what has come out so far from Nintendo. Also reveals new amiibos coming soon. They are mostly animal crossing amiibo, but then we’ve gotten Lucas!

Next, Some Information On Pokken Tournament for Wii U! We Get a Look at the new Shadow Mewtwo! He will get an amiibo card to unlock him earlier in the game. It’s coming spring 2016.


Descriptions of the Star Fox Zero vehicles and a confirmed release date for it which is april 22, 2016

Amiibo Compatibility for Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. You can get power up cards to help you in battle.

Next, Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS. Looks like it’s got a lot going for it.

Also Final Fantasy Fates is revealed with some new information. It’s gonna have 2 games for each path, and a third for an extended storyline. Kind of like how their are 2 pokemon games at once (Red and Blue, for example). Release is set for February 19, 2016


Mega Man Legacy Collection includes a bunch of the previous Mega Man games, and can be used with the Mega Man Amiibo and a new Golden Mega Man Amiibo. The amiibo’s unlock special challenge levels.

This one surprised me. They FINALLY made a virtual console Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! However, I was expecting a remake, or it would be on the phone. One other thing though, Bill said that they would preserve as much as possible, except the link cable… So would the stats function be the same as it was originally, and will there be… Missingno?!?! It’s Coming February 27, 2016. Exactly 30 years after Pokemon Red and Blue were released in America, but only on the E-Shop

So now with Hyrule Warriors Legends, we get 3… WAIT 4 NEW CHARACTERS. HOLD ON 5! OK then…The first 3 are Toon Link, Tetra, and The King Of Hyrule From Wind Waker. Then Comes Skull Kid! Who knew right! And the last suprised me the most. Linkle? Who is she? Origins please? Well, now I have to get the game for sure. But she uses crossbows like a BOSS! The game is coming March 25th, 2016


DragonQuest 7 and 8 were also announced. Then some new games on the E-shop including Mighty No. 9, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and, what’s this? TERRARIA?!?!

Amazing Job Nintendo. Cudos. All The Claps. 10/10 best business idea ever.

Oh, Remember Final Fantasy, Well, They aren’t done yet! Cloud Is Joining Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS! However, It’s not a smash ballot character… ah well… NEW CHARACTER MEANS MOAR FUN!!!


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Who Will The Next DLC character be for Smash Brothers?

And before those of you who I know are already thinking about this, Squidward WILL NOT BE DLC

Today we are gonna talk about who I think should be the top 5 to get into to smash bros through DLC. And this is my opinion. You respect mine, I respect yours.

If you want to comment what you said for the smash ballot here go ahead. We would love to hear your opinion

But please check if you’re character was deconfirmed or not first (some include Waluigi, Ridley, and the Inklings.)

Veterans are allowed, but just make sure they aren’t Deconfirmed.

also say why

OKAY Here’s the list

5. Snake

Even though i never really played snake in brawl, I feel like he should be brought back, as he was one of the most unique characters in the game.

4.Pokemon Trainer and Sheik/Zelda and Samus/Zero Suit Samus.

I know you’re shocked. Hear me out.

Remember in brawl when characters could transform with down B (or other methods). Or in other words, change characters mid game? Yeah, when they took that out, I felt kinda disappointed honestly. I really like the fact that you could use more then one pokemon at a time. I feel like charizard kinda just escaped red’s grasp to get more fame then he already had.


What control do you almost never use competitively in smash brothers?


yes, taunt transformations. I feel like it would work.

3. Shovel Knight

After that thing was confirmed, everyone was like SHOVEL KNIGHT IN SMASH CONFIRMED!!!! But that’s not exactly the case. It’s Still just, a rumour, but Shovel Knight is still a good contender. I mean, come on, he’s gonna maul you with what looks like diamond armour and a diamond shovel (No, Steve and Alex are not gonna be in smash bros… Most likely)

2. Shantae the Half-Genie

Yeah. I and many others think that the half-genie would be a great addition to the smash bros series. HAIR WHIP ATTACK, MONKEY SCRATCH ATTACK, ELEPHANT DASH, SPIDER VENOM, MAGIC FIRE BALL ATTACKS, PISTOLS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAND you get the idea

1. Sceptile

(that’s the mega form)

Yes, I’m a little on the Pokenerdy side today.

But I have another legitimate reason. Remember the pokemon XY & Z anime poster?:

Do you notice it?

Behind the new greninja form?

It’s A mega sceptile!

Yes. Sceptile could get promoted by the new pokemon anime season.

Just A thought.

Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments!

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