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NX Update 10/16/15

Some information about the long awaited console has been finally revealed. However, no photographs or trailers have been revealed yet, but this is still kind of a big deal.

For those of you who don’t know, the Nintendo NX is (obviously) a future video game console that was announced back in March 2015. We knew literally nothing except that the code name was NX. And the only real thing we could do was make NXt puns (NXt as in Next and NX).

But now we have a little more to go on.

Reported by The Wall Street Journal 10/16/15, Nintendo has been sending out developement kits to third party developers to make new games for the console rumored to be released 2016.

The developers have noted that the system has “One Mobile Unit That Could Be Either in Conjunction With The Console Or Taken On The Road.” This would leave many to believe, including myself, that this will be a hybrid console.

Rumours sprouted around early June that the console would be a hybrid. While other rumours suggested that the console would be an AR/VR system, such as the oculus rift.

Even though it seems like the Nintendo console would now be confirmed to be a hybrid, we still aren’t exactly sure what “Mobile Unit” Means. Would it be like the 3DS? Similar to how the 3DS is used with the Wii U In Super Smash Bros. 4. Or could it be more outgoing, like a virtual reality thing like the oculus rift as one controller, and other controllers similar to psat Nintendo controllers? Or maybe the “Mobile Unit” would be a smartphone? I mean, Nintendo has already bought a part of DeNA, the mobile gaming company, so it wouldn’t be so Farfetche’d…

Anyway, whatever the system might be like, it is said to have a software and hardware that supposedly matches the Xbox one and PS4. It was also shown that in around August that nintendo Patented a controller with a scroll wheel on the back, where the L and R buttons are on the DS, are gonna be kind of like the scroll wheel on a mouse.

Whatever Nintendo decides to throw at us, no matter what we can think they might, we will just have to wait and see.

Steam Makes A Portable Console?!?!?!?!



“SMACH Zero is the first portable console that runs Steam OS. You will have access to all the games of Steam and other advantages that Steam is offering.” – SMACH Zero Facebook page

All of us who are above the age of 12 and have a decent understanding of video games should know the Steam gaming platform for the PC made by VALVE, where you can download many games to play for your enjoyment (Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Goat simulator, and Duck Game, And FNAF 1,2,3,and 4 just to name a few). and steam is now getting into the console business. They have already announced the AlienWare console for your TV that plays steam games, but a PORTABLE HANDHELD! now THAT is something i would buy…..


if i’m supposed to play steam games on the go, and most of them are online multiplayer, how am i supposed to use wifi on a bus? or train? or car? (unless you or your parents have that one car with wifi). I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!? what’s the point of getting this if i can only fight BOTS in the car? MAYBE steam could make a cellular service for a low monthly price of like 10 or 20 dollars a month, but that might be a long shot.

and then how much memory would it have? 32 gigs? some games could take up all that space. an SD card slot might help. but i feel you would have to store games on the cloud (Yet another hard challenge).

i might want to get my money back already….

I still think it’s cool
and i probably will get it
you can preorder it on November 10th 2015 for $299
but anyway, thanks so much for reading, and comment on your thoughts for the SMACH Zero
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Zelda Wii U-What We Want to See

Nintendo has been keeping the Zelda Wii u’s game footage away from us for a while. it was announced last year at E3 2014 and was supposed to be release this year, but was delayed to 2016 (Which is the 30th anniversary of the legend of zelda franchise by the way…) Anyhow, whatever and whenever nintendo decides to show us the new footage (which Reggie Fils-aime confirmed that they had ready at E3, but nintendo decided not to) here are some things that we would like to see in the next Zelda for Wii U (and possibly NX????)


#1 More Towns/Villages


With the amazingly large map shown above, you’re gonna have to fill the vast landscapes with lots of farming villages, towns, and fishing villages, among many other things. Namely, Hyrule Castle Town and Kokiriko Village. The NPC’s should have higher AI (Artificial Intelligence, I.E. if link draws his sword, the villagers Should run in fear) and the towns should be large, but not too large so that you can’t get into many of the buildings. It would also be nice if link could ride Epona through the city. Also, The towns should have minigames, a bazaar/ marketplace, and many more.

#2 More Types of Transport


Even though we know link can transport with ease on Epona, I would kinda want other ways of transport that would make the game more interesting. It was also confirmed that link can use the sailcloth in this game too. Could this mean that this game is a direct sequel to skyward sword???? and if so, could that mean we can also get around on the loftwings, by flying in the sky and go to other places on the map? (maybe like a funner warp system, like soaring on latios/latias in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.) The chances of that are kinda low, but another form of transport could be sailing, like in The Wind Waker. their does seem to be an ocean on the east side of the world map too, with light blue and dark blue colored water. the light blue water most likely represents water you can swim/dive in, while the dark water could be water you must sail on. canoeing through the inland lakes and rivers would be nice too, as well as fishing.

#3 Multiplayer

female link Zelda Wii U

This game is assumed to be non-linear, (like the original Legend Of Zelda) meaning you can go anywhere from the beginning and beat each dungeon in any order. So, with that in mind, couldn’t a second character (maybe female link as shown above?) be running around the world map at the same time? I mean, with 2 players, one on the TV and the other on the gamepad (like hyrule warriors) Doesn’t seem so hard. And, Link is also seen swinging his sword with his right hand, but Link is normally left handed, except for games that involve motion control (Twilight princess-Wii and Skyward Sword), which would also possibly hint to motion controls for the 2nd player. Link is also seen holding his sword in his right hand, on a cliff, in the original Legend of Zelda game’s (which was non-linear by the way) Concept art. Link is also seen on a cliff in the Demo with Eiji Aonuma (D, take a look

original concept art

Zelda Wii U-Link on a cliff
cliff in gameplay demo

Anyway, back to multiplayer, another cool idea might be that one player could play as Epona, and the other as Link,
Allowing it to be easier for Link to shoot enemies on horseback. Even though this is an unlikely concept I would still like multiplayer to be a somewhat presence in The Legend of Zelda Wii-U.

Ant-Man Review

Well, well, well, Ant-Man. Where do we begin? This is by far my personal favorite Marvel movie, and, Ant-Man is now my favorite marvel super hero (*cough* Get dat Ant-Man inter-console game ready Marvel *cough* *cough*). But, enough about me, let’s get down to the main review

If you are not a marvel person and have no idea what Ant-Man is or haven’t yet seen the movie, I suggest you watch the trailer


In The Trailer, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) and Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) have a chat about “breaking into places and stealing stuff”, but in the movie they say “breaking into places and stealing sh*t”.


Honestly, I rate Ant-Man a 5/5 Movie for the following reasons. I first think that Ant-Man has great potential for the future, as at the end of the movie he was announced to become an Avenger, so we can expect to see Scott back on the big screen. But that isn’t really a great reason to like the original movie. I do also like the silly humor. Example, look at this exclusive clip from the movie:

Hilarious, I know

Another reason i really liked the movie was because of the action and thrills you experience. Shure, other movies can be like that too, but theirs nothing like seeing a man get slapped from what seems like the likes of Invisible Boy, or a battle on a child’s toys, etc.

I really do recommend Ant-Man to anyone who wants a new, fresh thriller with a splash of humor.

Oh yeah, and Baskin Robinns always finds out.

Jurassic World: The Scientific Inacuracies

So, Jurassic World… where to begin. It was a great movie, I watched it 3 times already. Even with all the cash the dino movie farmed, people who really know dinosaurs (like paleontologists, and other dino fans), found that some of the animated dinos had some scientific errors. let’s go through the 3 dinosaurs That I found most scientifically incorrect in one way or another.

# 3
The Pterosaurs
It was believed that Pterosaurs had fur to keep warm in their trips through the sky. However, the Pterosaurs in jurassic park lacked this feature. The main reason they probably didn’t have the fur is because… well, what’s more scary and amusing, a flying reptile covered with fur, or a flying reptile without fur? Also, in the movie trailer, the Pterosaurs pick up people, which wouldn’t happen because it would make the pterosaur too heavy.



# 2
The Mosasaur
The mosasaur in jurassic world has a couple of body problems. The Mosasaur is oversized, here is a size chart.

JW Mosasaur

The chart explains it all.
The mosasaur also had very smooth skin in reality, but the movie thinks otherwise…

Mosasaur GIF

# 1
The Velociraptor
The Velociraptors in Jurassic world lack one thing that many paleontologist agree that they had, FEATHERS!!!!


The reason most likely responsible for this is the same as the pterosaurs, the velociraptors wouldn’t look as cool if they had feathers, they would look more like shorter, leaner ostriches with a tail than anything else. But the reason the Raptors are at the #1 spot is because they were such a big part of the movie.

Even with these scientific inaccuracies and many more, jurassic world does open up our view just a little bit more to what dinosaurs were like, 65 million years ago.


Nintendo Direct April 1st 2015 Analysis.

Before reading this, please watch the Nintendo direct we are analysing.

Here it is! Nintendo Direct has finally come and we are gonna see what we can find.

First off, We see Mewtwo’s return trailer. It really should have been “Mewtwo Psystrikes Back,” But it’s not my choice. Anyway, Mewtwo’s moveset seems to be the exact same from melee as his neutral standard attack, throws , and specials look the same. some other standard attacks look a bit different. Heck, he even makes items float, just like in Melee!!! I don’t remembered if Mewtwo’s psychic reflected projectiles in melee, but it does now! My favorite part of the trailer is when ness holds a Masterball and is sneaking up behind mewtwo. His Final smash is Mega mewtwo Y. Sorry X fans. At least Charizards Final Smash is Mega Charizard X. Anyway, That’s all on Mewtwo for now. He is available as DLC for 3.99 on one f=version, 4.99 for both. If you registered both games on club nintendo, you get mewtwo free on april 15th (must have registered before march 31st).


Next, The new update on April 15th for Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS. There will be DLC, Tweaked Character Balancing (DON’T NERF GRENINJA AGAIN) and Sharing of Mii fighters, Replays, Screenshots, Custom Stages, And more With friends and the world. More DLC include other Mii Fighter Costumes Based on Other Characters. Their is a smash bros T-Shirt, Cat Suit, Monkey Suit, a Dunban Outfight (Xenoblade), A Link outfit (legend of zelda), Majora’s Mask (Legend of Zelda), Megaman X’s Armor (MegaManX), and Protoman Armor (Megaman). Each for $1.15 for both versions, or 75 Cents for one version.

Next, Another Smash news. LUCAS COMES OUT OF NOWHERE. Or in june at least. Lucas seems to have the same moveset he had in Brawl. One more Smash Thing, The SMash Bros FIghter Ballot. Click Here to register your character you want to see in Smash: SMASHBROSFIGHTERBALLOT

Also The Next Waves Of Amiibo Were Announced. Mewtwo And Lucas Amiibos will come soon too.

Amiibo Tap is A free Game Involving Demos of Old NES and SNES Nintendo games that come from your Amiibo. Each Amiibo has a different game assigned to it.


In Celebration of the 30th anniverary of Mario, Mario Maker will allow you to make custom Mario Levels and share it with the world. It will be available September.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is a yoshi game like yoshi’s island, but made of yarn. It is similar to Kirby and the epic yarn game for Wii. This game even includes multiplayer. The Amiibos for This game are plush, and can be used like a second player in the game. Yoshi’s wooly world will release in fall of this year, with the yoshi amiibos.

Yoshi's Wooly world amiibo

The next game is Splatoon. Read our splatoon news article here: Splatoon
New modes were announced: Ranked Battle: Splat Zones: you battle in A certain area until that area belongs to you.
Battle Dojo: Battle Locally with a friend to pop balloons and learn the map.
Nintendo is Now making Splatoon Amiibo: An Inkling Boy, An Inkling Girl, And An Inkling Squid. All Are available in one pack. Or you can buy one inkling boy/ girl separately. the game and Amiibos will launch on May 29th.

splatoon Amiibo

New Virtual Console Games are Coming to the Wii U as well. These are N64 and Nintendo DS Games.

Now Some New Virtual Console Games:

Adventures of Pip: In this 32 bit game, you play as a single pixel called Pip, Who can evolve into 3 different forms. For Wii U

Octodad: Dadliest Catch: You play as an Octopus Pretending to be a Human dad. You need to do everyday tasks. This game is fun cause it’s hard to be a human when your an octopus. You can Have up to 4 players controlling each limb. It comes out this summer. This does seem like nintendo’s Goat Simulator, Am I Right? For Wii U
Octodad = goat_simulator_logo_0

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: Sequel to Mutant Mudds. Both 3DS and Wii U. If you get the Wii U version, 3DS version is free, and vice versa.

Don’t Starve: Giant Edition : Do whatever it takes to survive in the wilderness! This is similar to minecraft in gameplay objective. Comes with 2 Games! send one to a friend. For Wii U

Other Titles Announced:
Demenium : Remastered
Affordable Space Adventures
Never Alone
Ninja Pizza Girl
AntiPole DX
Life of Pixel
BADLANDS: Game of the Year Edition
Back To Bed
Space Hulk
Dot Arcade
Swords & Soldiers II
Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails
Toto Temple Deluxe
The Bridge
Windup Knight 2

Ok That was Alot

Next is the trailer for ATLUS

At the beginning of the trailer, we see for characters, 2 boys and 2 girls. I’m Guessing Protagonists. In the next short clip, we see a girl jumping from a monster around a skyscraper. From their, it seems half anime, and half gameplay. We see many people and weps, one even has a motorcycle. and BTW, could the anime aspect of the trailer be hinted toward a new cartoon, or just other parts of the game? At one point, in the anime form, bystanders are filled with colors, and aren’t detail. This even happens in the gameplay part. It does look as some characters have magical powers. Obviously, this is based on some kind of sport, like pokemon, and you are someone who dreams of mastering it. The characters are japanese, and the game seems like a fire emblem game.


Next we have Fatal Frame for Wii U. You Play as one of 3 different characters with their own storyline. set in the “cursed” tourist destination of mount ecomy (I think). The Wii U gamepad is your camera, and he TV is like a third person shot. Your camera can be used to attack spirits, and i have NO idea how that works… It seems like the FNAF type of game. Man am I making so many references to Steam Games.

Box Boy is another 3DS eshop title and was NOT mentioned in the eshop portion of the nintendo direct, i mean, WHAT GIVES. anyway, box boy is a platformer whereyou play as, well, box boy. you can make more boxes to stand on as well. It’s made from Hal Labratorys (Peeps who make kirby games). their are 150 levels. You can unlock many costumes for your “box boy”. some of them give you special abilities. It’s available april 2nd.

Box Boy 3DS

Pokemon rumble World is the next game in the pokemon rumble series. you can play with pokemon from omega ruby, alpha sapphire, and more from older games. some can even mega evolve. It’s FREE TO PLAY! SO GET STARTED TODAY! Or on april 8th.

Puzzle and Dragons Z and Puzzle and Dragons Mario Edition were announced. Both are available in a single pacage and will be released may 22nd

Attack on Titans is also announced for 3DS. It’s available May.

Code name S.T.E.A.M. Is reminded about and talks about amiibo use on the New Nintendo 3DS You can use Fire Emblem Amiibo to add to use in your roster in code name S.T.E.A.M.

2 new games are announced for streetpass Mii plaza, Ultimate Angler, and Battleground Z. The Update is available April 16th.

A Xenoblade Chronicles 3D trailer is shown. Remember the game is available ONLY for the NEW NINTENDO 3DS

The New Fire Emblem Game for Nintendo 3DS has a Trailer Too, and this one we will have an analysis on.

first, The main character is a customizable character created by YOU. The beginning of the trailer has lots of what ifs about war. This game is based on 2 kingdoms. The peace loving Hoshido, and the glory seeking Nohr. You are a child born by the Hodisho, but raised by the Nohr. And YOU get to deside which side to take part in. So basically, would you listen to your real mom you’ve never met, or your temporary mom that raised you your whole life. your decision. I think the choice aspect is cool.


The game is planned for 2016.

In the game animal crossing: happy home designer, you can use amiibo cards to spawn an animal and make homes for them based on their “taste” (Example: house built for a bookworm). they will be realesed fall of 2015. also, the NFC touch port for the normal 3ds is coming the same day.

Finally Mario Kart 8. The DLC is coming soon. and a new mode for free is coming, 200cc!!! it’s what we’ve been waiting for forever. can you handle the speed, go find out! it’s free to download on april 23rd!

Thanks for reading!

Nintendo’s 3rd Person Shooter, Splatoon.


Splatoon, Nintendo’s 3rd person shooter, scheduled to release in May of 2015. This game replaces blood with paint, so it’s most likely that it will be ESRB_E or ESRB_E10 .

Splatoon is mainly a team shooter. The paint is like turf. So it is mainly a turf war. you can still “Splatter” people, which sends them back to their spawn.


The Characters you see are Inklings, which are part human and part squid. Customization is a HUGE aspect of this game. The plaza has a hat shop, clothes shop, shoe shop, and weapon shop, each owned by different owners. Every cosmetic (hat, shoe, etc.) has it’s own statistics. like faster movement speed but less health. I’m not sure if these statistics are true, but alas, I don’t have any solid examples. The plaza has other Inklings, like in Nintendo Land. Actually, they look really similar. Take a look.


I did get a bit off topic, but anyway…
Inklings have the ability to turn full on squid. this allows you to hide in your own paint and move very fast, hide, and avoid attacks. you can also warp to other team mates on the map which I think is really cool. it does seem like you can choose gender and skin color as well.

I mean, Splatoon is something that Nintendo is putting lots of money on. It’s like the new Metroid. actually, it looks more like TF2 to me. What do you think?

IT’S HERE!!!! Nintendo’s decision to join Mobile Gaming!

Uninstall your GBA4ios and get ready for a punch in the gut! Because Nintendo has just announced they will partner with DeNA (pronounced DNA) to create mobile games featuring Nintendo Characters!

GBA4IOS image
Looks Like GBA4IOS may be shut down for good.

Nintendo announced they won’t abandon consoles, and will start a new console that is code named NX (I KNEW THE NEW 3DS WOULDN’T LAST!). More on that later. Nintendo further announced that these mobile games will not be direct ports, and will be new, original content. HERE DAT SCOTT CAWTHORN! NO PORTS!

So, what’s NX’t (get it) for Nintendo? They are even starting a new membership program with DeNA, which will be accessible from smartphones, PC’s, and Consoles alike.

Don’t forget to leave comments!

The Legend of Zelda Netflix TV series? Pros and Cons


The Wall Street Journal has announced a new possible Legend of Zelda series to air on Netflix. Legend of Zelda had a very brief cartoon series in 1989. Their was a reason it was brief. Netflix says it will be like a “Game of Thrones for a family audience. I personally think its might be like the Pokemon Anime.

We are gonna cover the possible pros and cons on this idea.

Pro1;For Viewers: A Zelda TV series is just what fans of the franchise need. i mean, come on. Zelda has EVERYTHING Pokemon has (plush, manga, etc.) (not cards), A TV series would push the franchise even farther. It’s not liek we are gonna get caAAAARDS-

midna pokemon card

Pro2;For Netflix: People will have to get a netflix subscription or something to actually watch the show. and netflix is also on the 3DS and Wii U. So in one word: Profits

Pro3;for Nintendo: one word again: Profits

Con1: How are you gonna give voice to a character who dosen’t even speak!!!


I stand corrected. Netflix could make a character SIMILAR to link who talks. Like Red and Ash from Pokemon.

Con2: Breaking pots on TELEVISION?: Vandalism is one of links bad Deeds, and one of his most iconic actions (along with being a lawn mower and playing the ocarina). would they REALLY show a child of age 12ish and and a teen of 17ish breaking pots in STRANGERS HOUSES. i mean, it would be fun to watch, but bad to promote.


Link breaking pottery

What do you think? say so in the comments.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Timeline and other stuff theory.

Lots of people have been used to the original Pokemon timeline, in which it starts with Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen, and at the same time the events of ruby, sapphire and emerald happen. then the events of Heartgold and Soulsilver happen at the same time as diamond, pearl, and platinum. then black and white, and then black and white 2 comes out at the same time as Pokemon X and Y. this is the official timeline by Toshinobu Matsumiya.

pokemon old timeline.

This timeline does not make sense to me. one reason is mega evolution. wouldn’t mega evolution be available in fire red and leaf green? let me tell you why. the war 3,000 years ago was ended by “The Ultimate Weapon”. it killed Az’s (the super tall guy in Pokemon X and Y) pokemon flabebe. he turned The Ultimate Weapon into a machine that could revive his Pokemon, and give it and him eternal life. it also created the mega stones.


If the mega stones were created BEFORE the events of even Firered and Leafgreen, then why didn’t they discover mega evolution before X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The answer is in the Delta episode of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphhire

In the Delta Episode, A meteor is hurtling toward earth (or whatever the pokemon world is called). The Devon Corporation wants to use Infinity energy to warp the meteorite away, but a girl named Zinnia disagrees. she says it may be warped to another world just like ours that may not have had the war 3,000 years ago, and had not discovered mega evolution.

3000 year thing pokemon

ORAS other universe proof
Zinnia is the one talking.

This changes the Timeline CONSIDERABLY!!!!! This means there could be 2 Pokemon Universes. (honestly at least 10 if you think about it, but lets not get into that.) here is the new timeline. get ready. this is gonna be long

MEGA TIMELINE: If it has megas, its here: Omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire —-> X and Y
The reason ORAS comes before X and Y is because of my friend Mr.Bonding. No not the one who suggests terrible marriages, i mean the one who appeared in Pokemon X and Y as well as ORAS. (ORAS is Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire by the way) He gives you O-powers as you progress in your journey through Kalos. but he is actually Fused in ORAS. a bunch of old men fuse to make Mr.B (that’s what i’m gonna call him now.) so if Mr.B was Born in ORAS that must mean ORAS came before X and Y

It’s Mr.B!!! (the Pokemon one)

THE MODERN TIMELINE: same timeline that Toshinobu Matsumiya announced without X and Y.

Now theres that.

Everything is clear and done right? not exactly.
Remember Looker? the International police agent working to fight crime in all games past platinum? if you don’t, here’s a photo

looker=chck noris
(the guy in the brow jacket is looker.)

The problem here is that looker has been in platinum, Black and White, Black and White 2, X and Y and a very brief appearance in ORAS. You may be like “yeah so what”. but remember that platinum to Black and White 2 are on a different timeline than ORAS and X and Y. OMG RIGHT!!!

Poke Pop quiz: which is the most likely reason
A. looker is a god banished into a human body form for eternity, and still has godlike powers.
B. the multiple timeline theory is totally wrong.
C. Illuminati ILLUMINATI
D. Hoopa

if you guessed A you were just guessing, If you guessed B, you hate game theorist, if you guessed C. Your Awesome but your wrong, and if you guessed D. your correct.

hoopa unbound
Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa is a Pokemon that uses its rings to travel through time and space. Pokemon that can travel through space are any pokemon with teleport, hoopa, and palkia.
Pokemon that can travel through time are hoopa, celebi, dialga, aaaaaaaaand that’s it.

Since Hoopa can travel through time AND space. maybe we can look at Hoopa’s Pokedex entry.

X:It gathers things it likes and pushes them through its loop to teleport them to a secret place.

Y:This troublemaker sends anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space

OR:In its true form, it possess a huge amount of power. Legends of its avarice tell how it once carried off an entire castle to gain the treasure hidden within.

AS:It is said to be able to seize anything it desires with its six rings and six huge arms. With its power sealed, it is transformed into a much smaller form.

The one i am interested in is Y and OR. it can transport things as big as a castle to places it likes. could Hoopa have teleported from Black & White 2 over to ORAS by accident? Maybe we should leave it at that.