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Super Smash Bros. U and 3D

Super smash bros. U and 3D (I will call it SSBU&3D) is the next generation of smash. There were three other games in the series. One for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game cube and Nintendo Wii. You can guess, SSBU is for the Wii u and SSB3D is for the 3DS.
These two games have very different graphics. The Wii U has HD graphics while the 3ds have 3d graphics. The 3ds screen is small so the characters are outlined in black.
Mario_SSB4 Mario in SSBU
mario SSB3D Mario in SSB3D

A lot of characters are returning from the previous games. From the mushroom kingdom are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. This is the first smash game in which Luigi is confirmed before the game releases. Nintendo shouldn’t forget the special dreamer of Pi’llow Island!!! Yoshi hasn’t been announced yet though.
sleeping_luigi_header HAHAHAHAHAHA
From the jungles is Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong has not been announced yet… he might miss this one.
donkey kong BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!

From the kingdom of Hyrule are Link, Zelda, and Toon Link. We don’t know if Zelda will retain her ability to become sheik like in the Wii version
zelda and link Zelda and link.

Coming in at sound speed is sonic the hedgehog (Also the worst contender in smash history) his buddy snake from the Wii version has not been announced.
mario vs sonic The old duel of Mario vs Sonic. Comment who will win.

Dashing in with a thunder attack is Pikachu. No other Pokémon have been announced yet… which do you want to see?
Pikachu Awwwwww… so cute!

Others include Samus, Kirby, Marth, and Fox.

Now for the new contenders

Coming from the digital fitness room, it’s Wii fit trainer. No, seriously, you can be a fitness trainer fighting a man with a sword (AKA Link).
Link vs fitness trainer What did I tell you…
Also, our first character from an animal crossing game is Villager!! He can grab people with his net, grab their attacks and throw back there attacks.
villager You had me at the balloon helmet…
Also Mega Man has joined the fight… with a friend
mega man wow… that is a weird dog
And the last newcomer descends from the stars… with a star!!! It’s Rosalina and Luma!!
rosalina and luma Teamwork!!!!
There is little known about the storyline for this game but we know that it won’t be like the subspace emissary in Wii’s version. “There will be a single player [campaign], but it won’t be like the [Subspace Emissary] mode in Brawl,” Sakurai said at E3
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Xbox1 vs PS4

In November Two new gaming consoles came out. The Xbox1 and PS4. The question is which one is better? Personally if I had to choose it would be the PS4. Not only does it have a cheaper price tag it offers a lot of features. such as suspending your game so you can play music and watch TV. It also has cloud memory (a cloud memory is like endless memory) . But unlike the Xbox1 you can’t hook it up to your TV. the Xbox One is Microsoft’s while the PS4 is Sony’s

Post a comment in which one you think is better?

Xbox one

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is the newest 3D Super Mario game. Made by the creators of super Mario galaxy, this is probably the best 3D plat former on the Wii U. This is also the first super Mario game that has four playable characters from the start. In addition, it’s beautiful HD graphics makes up for no 3D.
The playable characters for this game are listed below, each having a unique special ability.
Mario is a great all around character with no special ability, he is just all around great at everything.
Luigi is just the same as Mario, except he can jump higher, but has less traction.
Peach is in a class of her own, she runs slow, but she can float for an extra second. This is very helpful in vital situations.
Toad is almost the complete opposite of Peach. He runs really fast but has bad jumps
Hidden character: Rosalina!
Rosalia is the most special of all the characters. She runs slowly, like Peach, jumps high, like Luigi, but if she has no power up she can spin to attack!
Power Ups.
There are tons of new and old power ups in Super Mario 3D world. Starting off with the cat suit.
Cat Suit.
The cat suit is a power up that lets you be a… well, a cat. You can scratch enemies, pounce from above, and climb almost any surface! You can activate this power by grabbing a super bell.
Super bell

Super-Mario-3D-World cat suitsEach character in the cat suit (not including Rosalina.)
Double cherry
The double cherry lets you… well, double yourself! You can have up to 5 clones and have an additional power up (like a cat suit) with double Mario. You cannot take this power up to other levels.

Double cherryDouble cherry… looks delicious!

double marioLook at all the fire Marios! Which one is the real one?
Other power ups include fire Mario, boomerang Mario, and Tanooki (Raccoon) Mario.
So if Peach isn’t kidnapped, who is? This time Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are taking a stroll when they run into a clear pipe. Suddenly a sprixie princess comes out followed by Bowser, then he kidnapped the sprixie princess and her friends.

sprixie and bowserThe Sprixie in the jar… and the jar in Bowser’s Hand! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The levels are now in the Sprixie kingdom and not the Mushroom kingdom. There are 8 main worlds, like in all Mario games. This time on the map you can move around freely and jump too, which lets you possibly find an extra life.

world map super mario 3d worldMario jumping on the world map.
There are special levels which includes a creature called plessie that you can ride. You can ride him over water. In one level you ride him on sand too.

plessies plunging fallsWho’s controlling Plessie? Everyone is working together!
Watch this video for more action about Super Mario 3D World

Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y are finally come out! I already have 8 gym badges and have defeated the elite four… twice! This game is a classic Pokémon game with a bunch of new features. For example, there are now Mega Evolutions and upgrades to G.T.S. and the new P.S.S., Super Training (S.T.) and Pokémon Amie are all new features. You can scroll down to see the news of Pokémon X and Y as well. Also in the future I will have a post with each Mega Evolution… hopefully.


New Pokémon.

There are a ton of new Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y. Not as many new ones as I hoped for but it is enough. They didn’t have as much new ones I think because of mega evolutions and the fact that the first wild Pokémon you could encounter is from another region (I mean piggy). Also in the news for Pokémon X and Y I put in the starters and there first evolutions, here are the final evolutions!!

kalos starters.Chestnaught (left, Chespins evolution) Delphox (Center, Fennekins evolution) and Greninja (Right, Froakies evolution.)

I personally like Greninja the best, its best stat is speed, like a ninja and is a water/dark type. Chespins final evolution is not what I expected, it is a bulky turtle like Pokémon with its highest stat being defense and attack, and is grass/fighting. Other stats are really low though. Delphox is pretty much what everyone expected being a fire psychic Pokémon with the highest Sp. Attack of the three. It is the best starter Pokémon in this gen. for beginners.

Here is my team of Pokémon I have pulled up. STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus. Also you can mega evolve only one Pokémon per battle, so not each Pokémon will mega evolve each battle. Also coverage means to take a type that you are weak against, like if a water type is going against a grass type, and the water type uses a bug or flying type move that is super effective against that type, then it is a coverage move.

greninjaNinja Frog (Greninja) type: Water/Dark ability: Torrent. Item: Mystic water. Moves: Hydro pump (great power, ok accuracy, STAB.) dark pulse (Good power, STAB, flinch chance.) Ice beam (Good power, freeze chance, Grass type coverage.) Mat block (Protects you and allies against damage moves.

lucarioAura Power (Lucario) (mega) Type: Fighting/Steel Ability: Steadfast (Adaptability when it mega evolves.) Item: Lucarionite (to mega evolve.) Moves: Close Combat (Awesome power, STAB, lowers users def. and sp.def.) flash cannon (STAB, Good power, beats fairy types.) Earthquake (Great power, Great accuracy, fire type coverage.) and dragon pulse (Good power, good accuracy.)

mewtwo Mewtwo (Mega Y) ability: Pressure (Insomnia after it mega evolves.) item: Mewtwonite Y (To mega evolve.) moves: Psychic (Good power, STAB), Aura sphere (Good power, never misses, dark type coverage), fire blast (Great power, ok accuracy, bug type coverage, chance to burn), Shadow ball ( good power, ghost type coverage.)
charizardCharizard (Mega Y) Ability: Blaze (Drought after it mega evolves)  Item: Charzinite Y (You  know why) Moves: fire blast (awesome  power, ok accuracy, Powered up by drought, STAB, chance to burn) Air Slash (Good power, great flinch chance, STAB), Solar beam (Good power, great accuracy, takes turn to charge, one turn with drought, coverage against Rock and Water),  heat wave (great  power, STAB, hits multiple targets, chance to burn.

noivernNoivern ability: infiltrator item: Amulet coin, moves: Boomburst (Great power, 100% accuracy, hits everyone.) Dragon pulse (Good power, STAB) Hurricane (Great power, Chance to confuse, STAB, 70% accuracy), Focus blast (Great power, Rock and ice type coverage, 70% accuracy.)

aegislashAegislash (Shield form right, blade form left) ability: stance change (to switch from form to the other. Item: rocky helmet. Moves: Kings shield (Protects against all damaging attacks, if contact halves opponents attack stat, lets you switch to shield form even when you sleep), Iron head (Good power, STAB, good flinch chance, switches to blade form), Sacred Sword (Great power, opponents defense raise doesn’t affect this attack, switches to blade form) Swords Dance (Doubles attack stat, stays in current form.)


P.S.S., S.T., and Pokémon Amie.

P.S.S. (Player Search System) is at the bottom screen of the 3DS along with Pokémon Amie and S.T. (Super Training) when not in a Pokémon battle. These are in the game as extra mini games or connection services.


P.S.S. is a way to search for friends (People registered on your 3DS friend list), Acquaintances (People who are not friends that you have battled with or traded with) and passerby’s (Everyone else.) You can start a Pokémon battle here or a trade. You can also access G.T.S. (Global Trade Station) and Random matchup battles with people all over the world. There is a new feature called wonder trade in which you pick a Pokémon to trade, and find someone online to trade with, but you don’t know what you are getting or the other person doesn’t know what you are getting. If you keep doing this you can get a good Pokémon (I got myself a baby Charmander this way) but you usually get Pokémon from the first patch of grass you step in and sometimes get the exact same Pokémon In return.



S.T. is an easy way to doing a hard thing in Pokémon, EV training. EVs, or effort values, were previously obtained for certain stats from certain Pokémon. This way you had to keep killing the same Pokémon over and over again. But with supper training you can easily play mini games that power up you Pokémon EVs by playing a sports game in a virtual space.  You shoot soccer balls (Or footballs for you non Americans) at a goal on balloon shaped like a Pokémon. The Poké balloon will also shoot soccer (Or footballs for you non Americans again) at your goal. The goal of the mini game is to get a certain amount of points by shooting the ball in the Balloon Bot’s goals and not get hit by the opponent’s ball. You can also use punching bags to increase stats too.

super trainingS.T.

 Pokemon amie

Pokémon Amie is a way to play and feed your Pokémon. You can feed them Poké Puffs and pet them. Also you can play small mini games to get more Poké Puffs. I have noticed that if you touch the flame on a charizard’s tail, your “hand” will burn and if you touch a Pikachu’s cheek your “hand” will get electrocuted. The 3 mini games are berry picker, head it, and tile puzzle. There is easy, medium, and hard for each and you have to have at least 3 Pokémon in good condition to play the mini games. Also if your Pokémon has max affection toward you (More it likes you) then it will perform better  in battles by healing a status condition, enduring a hit, and maybe getting extra exp.

charizardamieCharizard in Pokémon Amie.

Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion.

Gym leaders are strong Pokémon trainers that you can battle during your adventure. If you win against a gym leader, you get a gym badge. You need eight gym badges to beat then elite four. Each gym leader specializes in one Pokémon type. For example, if the gym leader specializes in dark types, each of their Pokémon would be part dark types. This is also true for the Elite Four, but not for the champion. Here are each of the Gym leaders, Elite four and the champion. For gym leaders, you get a TM after you defeat them as well.

Now you can PLAY games on doodlingbrain

hey yo everyone. i haven’t had much time to do much but i added five games, there is fancy pants 2, bad ice cream 2, dino run, sky nights 2, and SIM rescue. how did i get these games. well, i first got the embed code for the game online and then copy and pasted in the text section. kind of complicated, but this is the embed code for fancy pants 2. your gonna have to beg for the rest! get ready because here it is!

<object id=”gamefile” width=”720″ height=”480″ classid=”clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000″ codebase=”,0,40,0″ align=”middle”><param name=”quality” value=”high” /><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”false” /><param name=”flashvars” value=”” /><param name=”src” value=”” /><param name=”pluginspage” value=”” /><embed id=”gamefile” width=”720″ height=”480″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”” quality=”high” allowfullscreen=”false” flashvars=”” pluginspage=”” align=”middle” /> </object>

Pokemon X & Y

Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon x and y is coming in about a month and everyone is excited about it. The starters have been shown. They are Chespin the grass type, Fenniken the fire type, and Froakie the water type. In addition to that there is a new type, the fairy type. The fairy type is strong against fighting, dragon, and dark types. While not very effective on fire poison and steel. Dragon type moves do No damage on fairy types. Fighting and dark do halve damage on fairy types.

Chespin Fennekin and froakie
Chespin Fennekin and froakie
The starters first evolutions halve also recently been revealed they are Quillidan, Braixen and Frogadier.
The starters first evolutions halve also recently been revealed they are Quillidan, Braixen and Frogadier.

Mega evolutions

Mega evolutions are new kinds of evolutions in which a Pokémon holds a certain mega stone and has high friendship with you, you can mega evolve and attack on the same turn. But you can only do one mega evolution per battle and after the battle the Pokémon reverts to its original form. When a Pokémon mega evolves its stats, ability, and even type might change.

Mega lucario with raised attack and new ability adaptability which powers up moves of the Pokémon’s type (like close combat.)
Mega lucario with raised attack and new ability adaptability which powers up moves of the Pokémon’s type (like close combat.)

Other Pokémon with mega evolutions include ampharos, absol, mewtwo, charizard, venusaur, blastoise, and garchomp. No Pokémon from x and y will receive mega evolutions.

Character customization.

For the first time in the Pokémon franchise you can customize your look besides choosing boy or girl. At the beginning of the game you pick your skin color and then you can later change your hair styles at a solon and clothes at a boutique. There will be changing rooms in each Pokémon center.

Different looking people on p.s.s.
Different looking people on p.s.s.


P.S.S. stands for player, search system. You can see people using the game that are passing by, your acquaintances and friends with streepass and spotpass. You can also access Pokémon global link, G.T.S. (Global trade station) and online battle

G.T.S. you can get any Pokémon from someone else online.
G.T.S. you can get any Pokémon from someone else online.


Pokémon Amie

Pokémon Amie is a mini game in which you can bond with your Pokémon more. This may help with mega evolutions. You can feed your Pokémon and even play with them. Pokémon Amie is probably mostly to strengthen friendship.

A happy snorlax in Pokémon Amie.
A happy snorlax in Pokémon Amie.

New Battles.

Sky Battles.

Sky battles are a new kind of trainer battle in which all the trainers must use a flying type or a Pokémon with levitate. For example, flygon isn’t a flying type but has the ability levitate.

 A talonflame (flying type) vs. haunter(levitate).
A talonflame (flying type) vs. haunter(levitate).

Hoard Battles.

Hoard battles are when a huge group of 5 wild Pokémon appears at the same time. And if you defeat all the Pokémon in one hit you get a load more exp. For your Pokémon.

A hoard of axew.
A hoard of axew.


Here are some links to handy Pokémon x and y websites.

A Pokémon x and y Pokedex that keeps updating.

The Pokémon X and Y official Website is always teaming with new stuff until the game releases.


Here is one of the official trailers for Pokémon x and y.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team

By:  Dan

This is a review on a Nintendo 3ds game called Mario and Luigi Dream Team. This game is the 4th in the Mario and Luigi series of RPGs (Role Playing Games,) The first being Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for the game boy advanced, followed by Mario and Luigi partners in time for the Ds and Ds lite. Next came Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside Story for the Dsi and Dsi XL. Mario and Luigi Dream Team is for the 3ds and 3ds XL

Superstar Saga
Superstar Saga
Partners in time
Bowser's inside story
Bowser’s inside story


Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toadsworth and some other toads are invited to a vacation at Pi’llow island. But soon after they enter peach has been kidnapped by a new character called Antasma. After finding a treasure luigi sleeps on it and a portal to his dreams appear. This is how Antasma escaped and kidnapped peach. So Mario goes running after him.

Antasma bat form
Antasma bat form

After Mario’s failed attempt to rescue peach he breaks a nightmare chunk in the dream world. He leaps out of Luigi’s dream and that the pillow that Luigi was sleeping on was actually one of the pi’llow people. He was actually the prince. He was named Prince



Dreambert as a Pi'llow
Dreambert as a Pi’llow

They also meat starlow. She is a star sprite and is going to help Mario and Luigi save peach. They soon find antasma and Peach in dreams deep. But it’s too bad Bowser teamed up with Antasma. After beating Bowser and Antasma the Bros. rescue peach but bowser and Antasma escape.


Mario and Luigi enter a battle if they touch an enemy. Then they have options on what attack they can use. Jump, hammer (unlock at mushrise park,) Bros. attacks (unlock at mushrise park) in real world only, Luiginary attacks (unlock at dreamy mushrise park) in dream world only, items, flee, and hint block (only if lost to the enemy once before.)

Bros Attacks

Mario can use his own bros attacks with Luigi and Luigi can use his with Mario’s  the bros attacks Mario can use are 3d red shell, bye-bye cannon, bomb derby, jet board bash, and zee egg (pics in  that order.)

3d Red shell
3d Red shell
Bye bye cannon.
Bomb derby
Bomb derby
Jet board bash
Jet board bash

Luigi’s bros attacks are 3d green shell, fire flower, dropchopper, slingsniper, and star rocket. (pics in that order.)

Fire flower
Fire flower


Luiginary attacks

Luiginary attacks are attacks you use in the dream world with luiginoids. Some are the luiginary ball, luiginary hammer, luiginary flame, and luiginary typhoon.

Luiginary Ball
Luiginary Ball
Luiginary hammer
Luiginary hammer


Mario and Luigi each have stats. Stats show how strong you are. There are four stats total. Hp (health points,) Bp (Battle points, takes away certain amount after using a bros/ luiginary attack,) Pow (your power,) Def (your defense,) speed (higher this stat is the more likely you will attack first) and stache (higher this number is higher your chance of getting lucky hits.)


The main characters are Mario (playable) Luigi (Playable) starlow, dreambert, princess peach, bowser (enemy,) and Antasma (enemy.)

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow.
Mario, Luigi, and Starlow.
Bowser and Antasma
Bowser and Antasma
Dreambert and the pi'llows
Dreambert and the pi’llows

The pi’llows are people who lived in the pi’llow kingdom long ago. Prince dreambert said that before antasma was banished into the dream world, he used the last of his power to put all the pi’llows into a deep slumber so mario and luigi must rescue them.


Pi’llow Island

Pi’llow island is where the bros. start there adventure. There are 8 places on pi’llow island. Blimport, pi’llow castle, mushrise park, dozing sands, wakeport, mount pajamaja, driftwood shore, somnom woods, and neo bowsers castle.

Pi'llow Island
Pi’llow Island

Dream World

You can get to the dream world when Luigi sleeps on one of the Pi’llow people. Then a portal appears and mario can jump in. but when he is in luigi is with him. But this is dreamy Luigi, he is a dreambot. He can make copies of himself to turn into a ball or a stack.

luigi and starlow in the real world. Mario, Dreamy Luigi, Antasma as a gas cloud, and princess peach.

Dream world
Dream world

Giant Luigi battles

When in the dream world, Dreamy Luigi can turn giant at some points in the game to attack giant foes. He can use the jump, hammer chop, hammer uppercut, and two bros. attacks which are rythm mushroom and spin jump. You attack using the touch screen. When the enemy is weak and ripe for defeat you use finishing bros.

giant Luigi battle
giant Luigi battle

So now you know more about Mario and Luigi dream team you should try this game, there is a free demo on the Nintendo e shop.