Call of Duty Black Ops 3

6 days ago i picked this game up at my local gamestop. I thought oh this going to be another bad game like call of duty ghost but oh was I wrong. They had the awesome supply drop system for advanced warfare and the “exo ability” was nerfed and now you can wall run, dive underwater, and have special weapons based on the player you select. My favorite character probably is the character with the bow because the bow is so much fun to use and its accuracy is incredible. Now we are going to talk about the scorestreaks in this game, the ones i recommend you put on your class is the mothership and the ship that drops the spike balls and they chase enemies around the map. Finally the best part of call of duty where Treyarch never goes wrong, Zombies so black ops 3 zombies is so much fun like I never had so much playing zombies with my friends besides the fact that my brother was raging in the background but thats not the point, in my history of playing call of duty I never experienced a call of duty zombies that had almost as much to do as the normal multiplayer did. and this is why call of duty black ops 3 is my new favorite game.