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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

here they are, the next Pokémon games to be realesed in November are Pokémon Omega Ruby (I will going to refer to it as ‘OR’) and Alpha Sapphire(I will refer to it as ‘AS’). as you can tell, these most likely will be remakes of the Gameboy Advance’s Ruby and Sapphire. but the legends on the coverlook a little different than the originals

Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

I know right.
these look like mega Evolutions of the original Groudon and Kyogre. here are their original looks

groudon and kyogre

We can assume that other previous legends will show up such as Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias. they may have mega evolutions as well.

here is a sneak peak of the game so far

this could mean water battles are coming up for Pokémon OR and AS.

super smash bros nintendo direct is here!

here is the latest super smash bros Nintendo direct

Nintendo, you just blew me away…
(this is all in the video)
CHARIZARD RETURNS (most likely NOT with Pokémon Trainer (red).)

returning fighter Yoshi confirmed
Zero suit samus separate from samus
Sheik separate from Zelda
Zelda’s down special attack launches a knight for offense and defense
Sheik gets new moves

Final Smashes

for Lucario, he becomes MEGA Lucario, I said it
for Charizard, he becomes MEGA Charizard X. sorry for you Y fans
for Greninja, he slashes opponents repeatedly then hits them with a final BANG
Kirby’s final smash gives him the ultra sword (from Kirby returns to dreamland) and he slashes opponents.

Technical changes
in a nutshell, FPS (frames per seconds) is a measure of how motion video is displayed. all characters have a 60 FPS and assist trophies and Pokémon (from Pokeballs) have 30 FPS. therefor, characters have smoother display than assist trophies and Pokeball Pokémon are not as smooth.

also Wii fit trainer has a color option to be a male Wii fit trainer and little mac has a color option to become wire mac from the first punch-out game.

Pixelmon 3.0

Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that adds Pokémon to Minecraft. mods are a little challenging to download though. anyway Pixelmon was made by MrMasochism (probably not his real name).

if you have no idea what minecraft is go to this webpage, then keep reading.

charizard minecraft

3.0 adds over 40 new Pokemon including the Blazekin and Infernape evolutionary lines as well as the Unova starters and their evolutions. here is a video with most of the new pokemon

there is also a side mod called Pokeloot, watch this video to find out about that

and a trainer editor is in the next video.

credit to the Pixelmon staff for such a good mod. it comes out in the end of January

Super Smash Bros. U and 3D

Super smash bros. U and 3D (I will call it SSBU&3D) is the next generation of smash. There were three other games in the series. One for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game cube and Nintendo Wii. You can guess, SSBU is for the Wii u and SSB3D is for the 3DS.
These two games have very different graphics. The Wii U has HD graphics while the 3ds have 3d graphics. The 3ds screen is small so the characters are outlined in black.
Mario_SSB4 Mario in SSBU
mario SSB3D Mario in SSB3D

A lot of characters are returning from the previous games. From the mushroom kingdom are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. This is the first smash game in which Luigi is confirmed before the game releases. Nintendo shouldn’t forget the special dreamer of Pi’llow Island!!! Yoshi hasn’t been announced yet though.
sleeping_luigi_header HAHAHAHAHAHA
From the jungles is Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong has not been announced yet… he might miss this one.
donkey kong BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!

From the kingdom of Hyrule are Link, Zelda, and Toon Link. We don’t know if Zelda will retain her ability to become sheik like in the Wii version
zelda and link Zelda and link.

Coming in at sound speed is sonic the hedgehog (Also the worst contender in smash history) his buddy snake from the Wii version has not been announced.
mario vs sonic The old duel of Mario vs Sonic. Comment who will win.

Dashing in with a thunder attack is Pikachu. No other Pokémon have been announced yet… which do you want to see?
Pikachu Awwwwww… so cute!

Others include Samus, Kirby, Marth, and Fox.

Now for the new contenders

Coming from the digital fitness room, it’s Wii fit trainer. No, seriously, you can be a fitness trainer fighting a man with a sword (AKA Link).
Link vs fitness trainer What did I tell you…
Also, our first character from an animal crossing game is Villager!! He can grab people with his net, grab their attacks and throw back there attacks.
villager You had me at the balloon helmet…
Also Mega Man has joined the fight… with a friend
mega man wow… that is a weird dog
And the last newcomer descends from the stars… with a star!!! It’s Rosalina and Luma!!
rosalina and luma Teamwork!!!!
There is little known about the storyline for this game but we know that it won’t be like the subspace emissary in Wii’s version. “There will be a single player [campaign], but it won’t be like the [Subspace Emissary] mode in Brawl,” Sakurai said at E3
Source: quote from

Pokemon X & Y

Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon x and y is coming in about a month and everyone is excited about it. The starters have been shown. They are Chespin the grass type, Fenniken the fire type, and Froakie the water type. In addition to that there is a new type, the fairy type. The fairy type is strong against fighting, dragon, and dark types. While not very effective on fire poison and steel. Dragon type moves do No damage on fairy types. Fighting and dark do halve damage on fairy types.

Chespin Fennekin and froakie
Chespin Fennekin and froakie
The starters first evolutions halve also recently been revealed they are Quillidan, Braixen and Frogadier.
The starters first evolutions halve also recently been revealed they are Quillidan, Braixen and Frogadier.

Mega evolutions

Mega evolutions are new kinds of evolutions in which a Pokémon holds a certain mega stone and has high friendship with you, you can mega evolve and attack on the same turn. But you can only do one mega evolution per battle and after the battle the Pokémon reverts to its original form. When a Pokémon mega evolves its stats, ability, and even type might change.

Mega lucario with raised attack and new ability adaptability which powers up moves of the Pokémon’s type (like close combat.)
Mega lucario with raised attack and new ability adaptability which powers up moves of the Pokémon’s type (like close combat.)

Other Pokémon with mega evolutions include ampharos, absol, mewtwo, charizard, venusaur, blastoise, and garchomp. No Pokémon from x and y will receive mega evolutions.

Character customization.

For the first time in the Pokémon franchise you can customize your look besides choosing boy or girl. At the beginning of the game you pick your skin color and then you can later change your hair styles at a solon and clothes at a boutique. There will be changing rooms in each Pokémon center.

Different looking people on p.s.s.
Different looking people on p.s.s.


P.S.S. stands for player, search system. You can see people using the game that are passing by, your acquaintances and friends with streepass and spotpass. You can also access Pokémon global link, G.T.S. (Global trade station) and online battle

G.T.S. you can get any Pokémon from someone else online.
G.T.S. you can get any Pokémon from someone else online.


Pokémon Amie

Pokémon Amie is a mini game in which you can bond with your Pokémon more. This may help with mega evolutions. You can feed your Pokémon and even play with them. Pokémon Amie is probably mostly to strengthen friendship.

A happy snorlax in Pokémon Amie.
A happy snorlax in Pokémon Amie.

New Battles.

Sky Battles.

Sky battles are a new kind of trainer battle in which all the trainers must use a flying type or a Pokémon with levitate. For example, flygon isn’t a flying type but has the ability levitate.

 A talonflame (flying type) vs. haunter(levitate).
A talonflame (flying type) vs. haunter(levitate).

Hoard Battles.

Hoard battles are when a huge group of 5 wild Pokémon appears at the same time. And if you defeat all the Pokémon in one hit you get a load more exp. For your Pokémon.

A hoard of axew.
A hoard of axew.


Here are some links to handy Pokémon x and y websites.

A Pokémon x and y Pokedex that keeps updating.

The Pokémon X and Y official Website is always teaming with new stuff until the game releases.


Here is one of the official trailers for Pokémon x and y.