IT’S HERE!!!! Nintendo’s decision to join Mobile Gaming!

Uninstall your GBA4ios and get ready for a punch in the gut! Because Nintendo has just announced they will partner with DeNA (pronounced DNA) to create mobile games featuring Nintendo Characters!

GBA4IOS image
Looks Like GBA4IOS may be shut down for good.

Nintendo announced they won’t abandon consoles, and will start a new console that is code named NX (I KNEW THE NEW 3DS WOULDN’T LAST!). More on that later. Nintendo further announced that these mobile games will not be direct ports, and will be new, original content. HERE DAT SCOTT CAWTHORN! NO PORTS!

So, what’s NX’t (get it) for Nintendo? They are even starting a new membership program with DeNA, which will be accessible from smartphones, PC’s, and Consoles alike.

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