Jurassic World: The Scientific Inacuracies

So, Jurassic World… where to begin. It was a great movie, I watched it 3 times already. Even with all the cash the dino movie farmed, people who really know dinosaurs (like paleontologists, and other dino fans), found that some of the animated dinos had some scientific errors. let’s go through the 3 dinosaurs That I found most scientifically incorrect in one way or another.

# 3
The Pterosaurs
It was believed that Pterosaurs had fur to keep warm in their trips through the sky. However, the Pterosaurs in jurassic park lacked this feature. The main reason they probably didn’t have the fur is because… well, what’s more scary and amusing, a flying reptile covered with fur, or a flying reptile without fur? Also, in the movie trailer, the Pterosaurs pick up people, which wouldn’t happen because it would make the pterosaur too heavy.



# 2
The Mosasaur
The mosasaur in jurassic world has a couple of body problems. The Mosasaur is oversized, here is a size chart.

JW Mosasaur

The chart explains it all.
The mosasaur also had very smooth skin in reality, but the movie thinks otherwise…

Mosasaur GIF

# 1
The Velociraptor
The Velociraptors in Jurassic world lack one thing that many paleontologist agree that they had, FEATHERS!!!!


The reason most likely responsible for this is the same as the pterosaurs, the velociraptors wouldn’t look as cool if they had feathers, they would look more like shorter, leaner ostriches with a tail than anything else. But the reason the Raptors are at the #1 spot is because they were such a big part of the movie.

Even with these scientific inaccuracies and many more, jurassic world does open up our view just a little bit more to what dinosaurs were like, 65 million years ago.