Mariokart 8

Mariokart 8 is the 8th Mariokart game in the franchise. with the new anti-gravity, gliding, and the underwater modes, this game is one of the most fun, fast, and twisted game yet.

Mariokart8 box art

Karts are now customizable like in Mariokart 7. you can choose the frame, wheels, and glider. because, who doesn’t like a teddy bear ATV with Red monster truck wheels and a cloud glider. there are 3 types of frames. Karts, bikes, and ATVs.

Mariokart8 kart customizing.

Drifting and Drafting
Drifting is the process of pressing the ZR button on the Gamepad or the B button on the Wii remote or the Z button on the Nunchuck controller. drifting gives you a sharper turn and gives your wheels some sparks. the longer you drift, the more likely you get a red spark. a blue spark gives you a small boost when the drift button is let go and a red spark gives you a longer boost. Drafting is when you follow behind an opponent and then you get a good boost to pass them.

New Items
The new items are the boomerang which can be thrown p to 3 times. the Pirranah Plant which chomps opponents and gives you a speed boost. The Super horn, which once used, a sound wave surrounds you and anyone within range spins out.