Minecraft For Wii U?!?!?!

Minecraft Wii U
On the night of December 9th, Nintendo Randomly decided to announce Minecraft for Wii U. Minecraft is a sandbox game with creative and survival modes. Minecraft is already on PC, Mobile, Xbox One, and PS4. This Wii U announcement was highly anticipated but this does seem a little late, because by now, people probably already have Minecraft on one gaming platform or another. However, what makes this really exciting is that this opens the gate to some other options.

Since Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, is now owned by Microsoft, This is one of the first times Nintendo has had a Third Party game from Microsoft. This opens up the gate to many new possibilities, such as a possible Halo 5 Wii U.

But what’s really getting me excited is that Steve may actually be a super smash bros DLC character.

I know it sounds crazy, but it might actually work because the Smash Nintendo Direct is coming soon (Or may have already come if you are reading this after) Coincidence? I think not!

Another DLC character lots of people want that is now owned by microsoft is Banjo and Kazooie


Anyway, the actual game will not support touch screen inventory on the Gamepad, which SUCKS. Also no confirmation on Minecraft for 3DS Or a Steve amiibo…

Steve Amiibo (fake)