Nintendo’s 3rd Person Shooter, Splatoon.


Splatoon, Nintendo’s 3rd person shooter, scheduled to release in May of 2015. This game replaces blood with paint, so it’s most likely that it will be ESRB_E or ESRB_E10 .

Splatoon is mainly a team shooter. The paint is like turf. So it is mainly a turf war. you can still “Splatter” people, which sends them back to their spawn.


The Characters you see are Inklings, which are part human and part squid. Customization is a HUGE aspect of this game. The plaza has a hat shop, clothes shop, shoe shop, and weapon shop, each owned by different owners. Every cosmetic (hat, shoe, etc.) has it’s own statistics. like faster movement speed but less health. I’m not sure if these statistics are true, but alas, I don’t have any solid examples. The plaza has other Inklings, like in Nintendo Land. Actually, they look really similar. Take a look.


I did get a bit off topic, but anyway…
Inklings have the ability to turn full on squid. this allows you to hide in your own paint and move very fast, hide, and avoid attacks. you can also warp to other team mates on the map which I think is really cool. it does seem like you can choose gender and skin color as well.

I mean, Splatoon is something that Nintendo is putting lots of money on. It’s like the new Metroid. actually, it looks more like TF2 to me. What do you think?