November Nintendo Direct!!!


Here is a quick Summary of what happened, with my opinions:

First off, we get the official reveal and confirmation of the rumored Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD! We also get a look at the AWESOME wolf link amiibo.


However, all we get for The Legend of Zelda Wii U is another teaser trailer… but it confirmed it’s for 2016… SO FRUSTRATED! However, the wolf link amiibo will give a special functionality in Zelda Wii U. I believe it could give you the ability to TRANSFORM into wolf link in Zelda Wii U. Outrageous, but possible.

Next, a new mode for tri force heroes, which I don’t own at the moment. Then, another trailer for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Then 2 new maps for splatoon, which are very interesting to say the least. The museum level provides cool new angles for sniping, and the resort level reveals new turf at the end of the level! new gear was added, mostly winter gear. Sadly, playable octolings weren’t brought up.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival revealed a quiz mode and an island survival mode.

Also amiibo compatibility functions were described for Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. The function is that you’re amiibo can be used as a team mate in doubles, which I think is a great idea.

Another Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer. The game looks AMAZING!


Pokemon Picross is another Pokemon Puzzle Game, like Pokemon Shuffle. CAN WE GET NEWS ABOUT A MAINLINE POKEMON GAME (*cough* or pokemon ranger game *cough*)!

Anyway. we also get a new game called SteamWorld Heist, which is an action side scrolling turn-based shooter game in space! isn’t that a mouthful!

The one thing I don’t like about Fast Racing Neo is that it COULD have been an F-zero game! Imagine how many more sales that would get! Not even kidding.

A silly Yo-kai Watch Thing. I honestly think Yo-Kai Watch will not replace Pokemon in any way, shape, or form. But I would like to see the conclusion to that very important meeting…

A recap of what has come out so far from Nintendo. Also reveals new amiibos coming soon. They are mostly animal crossing amiibo, but then we’ve gotten Lucas!

Next, Some Information On Pokken Tournament for Wii U! We Get a Look at the new Shadow Mewtwo! He will get an amiibo card to unlock him earlier in the game. It’s coming spring 2016.


Descriptions of the Star Fox Zero vehicles and a confirmed release date for it which is april 22, 2016

Amiibo Compatibility for Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. You can get power up cards to help you in battle.

Next, Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS. Looks like it’s got a lot going for it.

Also Final Fantasy Fates is revealed with some new information. It’s gonna have 2 games for each path, and a third for an extended storyline. Kind of like how their are 2 pokemon games at once (Red and Blue, for example). Release is set for February 19, 2016


Mega Man Legacy Collection includes a bunch of the previous Mega Man games, and can be used with the Mega Man Amiibo and a new Golden Mega Man Amiibo. The amiibo’s unlock special challenge levels.

This one surprised me. They FINALLY made a virtual console Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! However, I was expecting a remake, or it would be on the phone. One other thing though, Bill said that they would preserve as much as possible, except the link cable… So would the stats function be the same as it was originally, and will there be… Missingno?!?! It’s Coming February 27, 2016. Exactly 30 years after Pokemon Red and Blue were released in America, but only on the E-Shop

So now with Hyrule Warriors Legends, we get 3… WAIT 4 NEW CHARACTERS. HOLD ON 5! OK then…The first 3 are Toon Link, Tetra, and The King Of Hyrule From Wind Waker. Then Comes Skull Kid! Who knew right! And the last suprised me the most. Linkle? Who is she? Origins please? Well, now I have to get the game for sure. But she uses crossbows like a BOSS! The game is coming March 25th, 2016


DragonQuest 7 and 8 were also announced. Then some new games on the E-shop including Mighty No. 9, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and, what’s this? TERRARIA?!?!

Amazing Job Nintendo. Cudos. All The Claps. 10/10 best business idea ever.

Oh, Remember Final Fantasy, Well, They aren’t done yet! Cloud Is Joining Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS! However, It’s not a smash ballot character… ah well… NEW CHARACTER MEANS MOAR FUN!!!


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