NX Update 10/16/15

Some information about the long awaited console has been finally revealed. However, no photographs or trailers have been revealed yet, but this is still kind of a big deal.

For those of you who don’t know, the Nintendo NX is (obviously) a future video game console that was announced back in March 2015. We knew literally nothing except that the code name was NX. And the only real thing we could do was make NXt puns (NXt as in Next and NX).

But now we have a little more to go on.

Reported by The Wall Street Journal 10/16/15, Nintendo has been sending out developement kits to third party developers to make new games for the console rumored to be released 2016.

The developers have noted that the system has “One Mobile Unit That Could Be Either in Conjunction With The Console Or Taken On The Road.” This would leave many to believe, including myself, that this will be a hybrid console.

Rumours sprouted around early June that the console would be a hybrid. While other rumours suggested that the console would be an AR/VR system, such as the oculus rift.

Even though it seems like the Nintendo console would now be confirmed to be a hybrid, we still aren’t exactly sure what “Mobile Unit” Means. Would it be like the 3DS? Similar to how the 3DS is used with the Wii U In Super Smash Bros. 4. Or could it be more outgoing, like a virtual reality thing like the oculus rift as one controller, and other controllers similar to psat Nintendo controllers? Or maybe the “Mobile Unit” would be a smartphone? I mean, Nintendo has already bought a part of DeNA, the mobile gaming company, so it wouldn’t be so Farfetche’d…

Anyway, whatever the system might be like, it is said to have a software and hardware that supposedly matches the Xbox one and PS4. It was also shown that in around August that nintendo Patented a controller with a scroll wheel on the back, where the L and R buttons are on the DS, are gonna be kind of like the scroll wheel on a mouse.

Whatever Nintendo decides to throw at us, no matter what we can think they might, we will just have to wait and see.