SNES Classic Review!

The SNES Classic is a re-release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released back in 1991. The SNES classic costs $80 U.S. dollars and comes with 21 games, one of which was never released before, that being Star Fox 2. The SNES classic also comes with 2 controllers, so that you can play with a buddy in games like Super Mario Kart and Street Fight 2 turbo.

My favorite game on the console is Donkey Kong Country. It looks absolutely amazing, and has great music to back it up. Other great games on the system include Super Metroid, The Legend Of Zelda a link to the past, Super Mario World, and Yoshi’s Island.

The console itself is actually really small, and wouldn’t be difficult to fit in a backpack. The games are also built into the system, so you wouldn’t need to take cartridges around. However, you would need to connect it to a TV.