Steam Makes A Portable Console?!?!?!?!



“SMACH Zero is the first portable console that runs Steam OS. You will have access to all the games of Steam and other advantages that Steam is offering.” – SMACH Zero Facebook page

All of us who are above the age of 12 and have a decent understanding of video games should know the Steam gaming platform for the PC made by VALVE, where you can download many games to play for your enjoyment (Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Goat simulator, and Duck Game, And FNAF 1,2,3,and 4 just to name a few). and steam is now getting into the console business. They have already announced the AlienWare console for your TV that plays steam games, but a PORTABLE HANDHELD! now THAT is something i would buy…..


if i’m supposed to play steam games on the go, and most of them are online multiplayer, how am i supposed to use wifi on a bus? or train? or car? (unless you or your parents have that one car with wifi). I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!? what’s the point of getting this if i can only fight BOTS in the car? MAYBE steam could make a cellular service for a low monthly price of like 10 or 20 dollars a month, but that might be a long shot.

and then how much memory would it have? 32 gigs? some games could take up all that space. an SD card slot might help. but i feel you would have to store games on the cloud (Yet another hard challenge).

i might want to get my money back already….

I still think it’s cool
and i probably will get it
you can preorder it on November 10th 2015 for $299
but anyway, thanks so much for reading, and comment on your thoughts for the SMACH Zero
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