super smash bros nintendo direct is here!

here is the latest super smash bros Nintendo direct

Nintendo, you just blew me away…
(this is all in the video)
CHARIZARD RETURNS (most likely NOT with Pokémon Trainer (red).)

returning fighter Yoshi confirmed
Zero suit samus separate from samus
Sheik separate from Zelda
Zelda’s down special attack launches a knight for offense and defense
Sheik gets new moves

Final Smashes

for Lucario, he becomes MEGA Lucario, I said it
for Charizard, he becomes MEGA Charizard X. sorry for you Y fans
for Greninja, he slashes opponents repeatedly then hits them with a final BANG
Kirby’s final smash gives him the ultra sword (from Kirby returns to dreamland) and he slashes opponents.

Technical changes
in a nutshell, FPS (frames per seconds) is a measure of how motion video is displayed. all characters have a 60 FPS and assist trophies and Pokémon (from Pokeballs) have 30 FPS. therefor, characters have smoother display than assist trophies and Pokeball Pokémon are not as smooth.

also Wii fit trainer has a color option to be a male Wii fit trainer and little mac has a color option to become wire mac from the first punch-out game.



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