The Legend of Zelda Netflix TV series? Pros and Cons


The Wall Street Journal has announced a new possible Legend of Zelda series to air on Netflix. Legend of Zelda had a very brief cartoon series in 1989. Their was a reason it was brief. Netflix says it will be like a “Game of Thrones for a family audience. I personally think its might be like the Pokemon Anime.

We are gonna cover the possible pros and cons on this idea.

Pro1;For Viewers: A Zelda TV series is just what fans of the franchise need. i mean, come on. Zelda has EVERYTHING Pokemon has (plush, manga, etc.) (not cards), A TV series would push the franchise even farther. It’s not liek we are gonna get caAAAARDS-

midna pokemon card

Pro2;For Netflix: People will have to get a netflix subscription or something to actually watch the show. and netflix is also on the 3DS and Wii U. So in one word: Profits

Pro3;for Nintendo: one word again: Profits

Con1: How are you gonna give voice to a character who dosen’t even speak!!!


I stand corrected. Netflix could make a character SIMILAR to link who talks. Like Red and Ash from Pokemon.

Con2: Breaking pots on TELEVISION?: Vandalism is one of links bad Deeds, and one of his most iconic actions (along with being a lawn mower and playing the ocarina). would they REALLY show a child of age 12ish and and a teen of 17ish breaking pots in STRANGERS HOUSES. i mean, it would be fun to watch, but bad to promote.


Link breaking pottery

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