The Nintendo Switch Seems to be A great move for Nintendo!

The Nintendo NX has been officially revealed to be the Nintendo Switch!

If you didn’t catch it, here is the reveal trailer.

As you can see, the Switch, as we will now call it, Will be a primarily home console that can be taken on the go at any time. This is what I was dreaming of when the Wii U was announced, and I think that the Switch hit the right mark, as the video is currently on #1 trending on YouTube with almost 4 million views. The Switch has a unique system in which the controllers are actually like 2 sides of the Wii u Gamepad called the Joy-con that can be used separately, with one in each hand, they can be attached to a grip for playing on the TV, attached to the portable unit for on the go, and can be used by 2 people with each person having one of each. This was shown in the section of the video with what looks like a new Mario Kart game and 2K17.

A side note about the Mario Kart bit. Most people, myself included, think this is a new Mario Kart game for the Switch because it has the character King Boo, who was in Mario Kart Wii but not Mario Kart 7 or 8. Also, You get 2 Item slots instead of just one. Furthermore, the Mobile Tablet unit of the switch was attached to the car and almost looked like an in car TV. Just look at the second picture.

King Boo

Notice how the tablet is being held up. I really love this concept.

The Graphics of the portable mode appears very nice, however, this may cause battery life to be an issue. The controller that I assume is separate is a nice nod to professional or hardcore Gamers who prefer a more traditional style of gaming. The controller, which we can call the Switch Pro, Looks fairly similar in design to an Xbox controller, which I totally appreciate.

The Switch Pro Controller

Of course The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild looks amazing as well, and surprisingly so does what is presumably Skyrim, which is good news for 3rd-Party support, which was arguably one of the reasons of the Wii U’s lack of sales.

Another thing to note is that the Switch uses cartridges, Which gets an approval from me.

Over all the Nintendo Switch looks like something people from many different demographics can enjoy. As we wait for it’s release in March 2017, we will keep all of you updated on information about anything related to the Switch, including Price!

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