Nintendo announced on Splatoon Tumblr Page that they will be teaming up with Hasbro to create a Transformers Splatfest



The teams are going to be Autobots vs. Decepticons. The Autobots team is going to be the color pink and the Decepticons team is going to be the color purple.

Transformer Splatfest poll booth
Transformer Splatfest poll booth
The Autobots Splatfest T-shirt
The Autobots Splatfest Team T-Shirt
Decepticons Splatfest T-Shirt
Decepticons Splatfest Team T-Shirt

If they can make a Transformers Splatfest then Nintendo can make Squidward for Dlc




Anyways the Splatfest will be from 9 PM PT on 8/28 through 9 PM PT on 8/29, so mark your calenders and make sure you will be there!





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