Who Will The Next DLC character be for Smash Brothers?

And before those of you who I know are already thinking about this, Squidward WILL NOT BE DLC

Today we are gonna talk about who I think should be the top 5 to get into to smash bros through DLC. And this is my opinion. You respect mine, I respect yours.

If you want to comment what you said for the smash ballot here go ahead. We would love to hear your opinion

But please check if you’re character was deconfirmed or not first (some include Waluigi, Ridley, and the Inklings.)

Veterans are allowed, but just make sure they aren’t Deconfirmed.

also say why

OKAY Here’s the list

5. Snake

Even though i never really played snake in brawl, I feel like he should be brought back, as he was one of the most unique characters in the game.

4.Pokemon Trainer and Sheik/Zelda and Samus/Zero Suit Samus.

I know you’re shocked. Hear me out.

Remember in brawl when characters could transform with down B (or other methods). Or in other words, change characters mid game? Yeah, when they took that out, I felt kinda disappointed honestly. I really like the fact that you could use more then one pokemon at a time. I feel like charizard kinda just escaped red’s grasp to get more fame then he already had.


What control do you almost never use competitively in smash brothers?


yes, taunt transformations. I feel like it would work.

3. Shovel Knight

After that thing was confirmed, everyone was like SHOVEL KNIGHT IN SMASH CONFIRMED!!!! But that’s not exactly the case. It’s Still just, a rumour, but Shovel Knight is still a good contender. I mean, come on, he’s gonna maul you with what looks like diamond armour and a diamond shovel (No, Steve and Alex are not gonna be in smash bros… Most likely)

2. Shantae the Half-Genie

Yeah. I and many others think that the half-genie would be a great addition to the smash bros series. HAIR WHIP ATTACK, MONKEY SCRATCH ATTACK, ELEPHANT DASH, SPIDER VENOM, MAGIC FIRE BALL ATTACKS, PISTOLS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAND you get the idea

1. Sceptile

(that’s the mega form)

Yes, I’m a little on the Pokenerdy side today.

But I have another legitimate reason. Remember the pokemon XY & Z anime poster?:

Do you notice it?

Behind the new greninja form?

It’s A mega sceptile!

Yes. Sceptile could get promoted by the new pokemon anime season.

Just A thought.

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