Wii U

The Wii U is a system that has a gamepad and with the a system that is on your TV. You can set you Wii U up so you can use it as a TV remote! But you can’t even go out of the room with the gamepad because it needs to be near the system.B009AGXH64hardware


Using the Wii U

Some games are the same on both screens, one screen is the TV, the other is the Gamepad. like Super Mario 3D World. But some times the screens are different like in Lego City Undercover.  For the ones that the screens are the same you can play your games while other people watch TV or something. You can even you the Wii U as a TV remote!


  The Wii U also can play Wii games. It has a icon that will send you to the Wii home screen. Which is very cool. Like most of Nintendo’s new game systems The Wii U does have a Nintendo eShop.


The Wii U can go up to 5 Players! 1 gamepad and 4 Wii remotes. The Wii u does connect with Wii remotes. But you need a motion plus with it to play most games. Or you could play one player with a Wii remote.wiiu

What Wii U to get.

There is two types of Wii U’s.  The difference is 1.) they have different colors. 2.) They have different amounts of space. One has 32 GB. The other one has 8 GB. 3.) One cost $50 more then the other one (the deluxe set). The deluxe set has more GB and come with alot of other stuff then the other Wii U has so I suggest the Wii U deluxe set.

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Making a Mii

If you don’t know what a Mii it is a Guy you make to look like somebody or something by make the face. Shape the face, choose the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose, and other thing. You even change the height of the Mii. Then you name it.


One new thing is that you can get the Mii from you 3Ds and put it on you Wii U. So if you want to have a cool me you got in you 3Ds you can put in you Wii U so you don’t have to bother making a new one.