Zelda Wii U-What We Want to See

Nintendo has been keeping the Zelda Wii u’s game footage away from us for a while. it was announced last year at E3 2014 and was supposed to be release this year, but was delayed to 2016 (Which is the 30th anniversary of the legend of zelda franchise by the way…) Anyhow, whatever and whenever nintendo decides to show us the new footage (which Reggie Fils-aime confirmed that they had ready at E3, but nintendo decided not to) here are some things that we would like to see in the next Zelda for Wii U (and possibly NX????)


#1 More Towns/Villages


With the amazingly large map shown above, you’re gonna have to fill the vast landscapes with lots of farming villages, towns, and fishing villages, among many other things. Namely, Hyrule Castle Town and Kokiriko Village. The NPC’s should have higher AI (Artificial Intelligence, I.E. if link draws his sword, the villagers Should run in fear) and the towns should be large, but not too large so that you can’t get into many of the buildings. It would also be nice if link could ride Epona through the city. Also, The towns should have minigames, a bazaar/ marketplace, and many more.

#2 More Types of Transport


Even though we know link can transport with ease on Epona, I would kinda want other ways of transport that would make the game more interesting. It was also confirmed that link can use the sailcloth in this game too. Could this mean that this game is a direct sequel to skyward sword???? and if so, could that mean we can also get around on the loftwings, by flying in the sky and go to other places on the map? (maybe like a funner warp system, like soaring on latios/latias in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.) The chances of that are kinda low, but another form of transport could be sailing, like in The Wind Waker. their does seem to be an ocean on the east side of the world map too, with light blue and dark blue colored water. the light blue water most likely represents water you can swim/dive in, while the dark water could be water you must sail on. canoeing through the inland lakes and rivers would be nice too, as well as fishing.

#3 Multiplayer

female link Zelda Wii U

This game is assumed to be non-linear, (like the original Legend Of Zelda) meaning you can go anywhere from the beginning and beat each dungeon in any order. So, with that in mind, couldn’t a second character (maybe female link as shown above?) be running around the world map at the same time? I mean, with 2 players, one on the TV and the other on the gamepad (like hyrule warriors) Doesn’t seem so hard. And, Link is also seen swinging his sword with his right hand, but Link is normally left handed, except for games that involve motion control (Twilight princess-Wii and Skyward Sword), which would also possibly hint to motion controls for the 2nd player. Link is also seen holding his sword in his right hand, on a cliff, in the original Legend of Zelda game’s (which was non-linear by the way) Concept art. Link is also seen on a cliff in the Demo with Eiji Aonuma (D, take a look

original concept art

Zelda Wii U-Link on a cliff
cliff in gameplay demo

Anyway, back to multiplayer, another cool idea might be that one player could play as Epona, and the other as Link,
Allowing it to be easier for Link to shoot enemies on horseback. Even though this is an unlikely concept I would still like multiplayer to be a somewhat presence in The Legend of Zelda Wii-U.